Friday, October 23, 2009

The Light Paradigms

I believe that there are two ways that people view the world that frames the way they live their lives. I call this theory the Light Paradigms.

Paradigm 1: There are people that understand and appreciate when the light is shining on them. They bask in its brilliance and soak it all in. They can't stand darkness and crave the light. When the light is shining on someone else they try to steal it, get depressed because they are in darkness but can see the light (and not feel it), or they want to person (who has the light shining on them) to be in darkness with them. These people are not bad people, on the contrary, they are very accomplished, educated, and full of love. They just don't understand the principle of light

Paradigm 2: There are people that understand and appreciate when the light is shining on them. They bask in its brilliance and soak it all in. They understand that this is not always the case and that they are bound to be in darkness. These people understand that there is enough light to go around. If the light is shining on someone else they are genuinely happy for that person. They can celebrate that the light is on someone else. Seeing the light shine on others doesn't take away the light shining on them. These people have bad days, they have trials, they struggle and have heartache. They just understand the principle of light.

I think people can go in and out of these two paradigms depending on what is happening in their lives. Paradigm 2 is so easy and natural for most while Paradigm 1 may not come natural at all but can be learned over time.

I think that some of the greatest moments in life come when someone can genuinely be happy for the light shining on someone else-especially if they are drenched in darkness.

The Paradigm of Light you choose deciphers the character you are building, the integrity you are showing, and the love you are giving!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Blue or Green Eyes?

When people ask me what color my eyes are I tell sometimes they are blue and sometimes they are green. It depends on what I'm wearing. Sometimes I get the feeling they don't believe me. For those disbelievers here is the proof! (There was no editing done to these photos).

Here are my eyes blue!

Here are my eyes green!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


So as we were leaving Kate's dorm room to get something to eat for a late lunch (we were all starving) I told the kidlets I wanted to take a picture. Clay & Ali both said they didn't want to take pictures so I promised them I wouldn't take anymore if they took a really good one. As you can see...there were many more photos!

No worries, Clay is not upset-just being his lovely self! We ate outside at one of my favorite places to eat in Old Town. Everyone loved their food but only Clay could wolf it all down in one sitting! (He's a growing teenage boy)

We had a blast singing, dancing, and just being plain wierdos (aka Shields) in Old Town!

It's was so much fun to hang out with family in San Diego!

Do we look alike at all??

So fun to have Kates so close by--don't worry I'll be back to SD soon!

I had no idea that so many people from my extended family would be at the game: Jeff & Pat, Zach & Mckay, Matt, Brett, Theresa, Jeffrey, Mary & Spencer, and Scott & Brooke.

Looking good Spencer!

We train 'em to be Cougar Fans when they're young!

Love it Mary!

We ended the trip on a spiritual note!

Friday, October 09, 2009

TED Fellow

If you know anything about me then you know I LOVE my family! Also you know I'm huge fan of my sister Chelsea! Recently she was chosen to be one of the 103 prestigious TED Fellows. She has been invited to share ideas at a conference in India in November. She is one of 53 to represent the US. She's pretty much amazing (I may be biased) and I'm so proud of her!

If you go to the TED website it only takes a minute or so to see the amazing people that are a part of TED. Again I am not surprise to see my little sister's name among them. Chels you are doing amazing things with your life, you are an inspiration, and I can't wait to hear about India! Please take lots of pictures for us. Also get better fast so you can enjoy all that amazing Indian food!