Wednesday, February 13, 2013

This Message is Brought to You by the Letter L (for Love)

Being "older" and single means that people feel the need to help you find ways to meet people. It also means getting out of your comfort zone to try "new" things or "ways" to meet people. This can create some interesting moments...

Like getting on Eharmony and living my online life exactly like my offline life—meaning the guys I am interested in not being interested in me and the guys interested in me I'm not interested (it is bad enough in real life)

Or going to a "mid-singles" event and realizing the "mid" age is a LOT older than expected.

Or that one time a friend tried to set me up with one of my seminary students.

Or that time one of my clients wanted to set me up with a relative (who is 10 years younger than me...thanks for thinking I was much younger).

And so many more... I actually find a lot of joy in these stories and the people who make them happen. So, thanks for bringing them into my life. Seriously, life is made up of these kinds of moments and either you laugh or cry. I choose to laugh!