What I Do

I am currently a Shadow (Therapist) at the most amazing Wilderness Therapy Program called Anasazi. Anasazi has two age groups they work with: One group is called the YoungWalkers (12-17) and the other group is called Sinagua Walkers (18+).  Anasazi is a 42 day (6 wks or more) program out in the wilderness deserts of Arizona.

Anasazi has a language that is not common to everyone, but I love it so I may throw into my blogs now and again, so I thought I would put some of the words here to clarify:

Therapist= Shadow
21+ Behavioral Heath Techs= Trail Walkers (TW)
Adolescents= Young Walkers (YW)
The Spirit= The Sacred Wind
Higher Source of Power/God= The Creator
Making bad choices= Walking backwards
Making good choices= Walking forwards
Having good feelings towards others= Heart at peace
Have negative feelings towards others= Heart at war\
Realizations/Epiphanies= Awakenings

I mainly work in the office but every Tuesday I get to go out on the trail and meet my YWs for therapy sessions. I love being able to be outdoors and to sit with my YW and listen as they tell me all about their unique and wicked awesome experiences.  I love my job!