Monday, December 31, 2007


Some of the happenings in my life (not particular order) in 2007:
  • I had 5 roommates
  • 2 of those roommates got married (since I've moved to Boston I've had 4 roommates get married, 1 roommate work on the Mitt Romney Campaign, and 1 roommate go on a mission)
  • My sister Danielle got married and I gained a new Brother-in-Law, Kevin Tvetan
  • I worked 3 different full time jobs
  • I got a car
  • I applied to multiple Grad Schools
  • I started teaching early morning seminary
  • I've had 2 church callings
  • I taught a 6 week beginning ASL class
  • I directed a musical fireside, "Come Unto Christ"
  • I managed to stay in my house but I changed rooms
  • I continued to figure out my life
  • I enjoyed Boston to the utmost
  • I didn't date enough but I made lots of wonderful friends
  • I made (booked the tour) a dream come true...almost (Italy in February)
  • I ate too much food, didn't play enough piano, and didn't get married (ha ha)
  • But BYU did great in both football & basketball, the Red Sox won the World Series, and the Pats & Celts are doing well
  • I loved a lot, I lived life, I made lots of new friends, said goodbye to old friends, explored New England, went to lots of dances, had a great time at the Education Conference, and have even been able to use my ASL interpreting skills
  • Saw Natalie's hair change from Blonde to Red
  • Spend New Year's Eve with my BFF (Michael Sackett) in NYC
  • I organized a huge appreciation event for AFC
  • Got to see Dad run the Boston Marathon
  • Went surfing
  • Read a lot of great books
  • Fell out of a canoe--fully clothed
  • Saw Nickel Creek perform in Boston live
  • Went to a few Red Sox games
  • I had toe surgery
  • I climbed a very very tall tree
  • I learned how Violin's are made
  • People that visited me: Joey & Savannah, Sarah, Annalee, and Mom & Dad
  • States I went to: UT, AZ, CA, ME, NY, NH, and VT
2007 was a great year for me and I'm looking forward to 2008!

Family Time---Christmas Time

I had a great time with my family and friends over the Christmas Break! It's always good to refocus, relax, and be with the people who love you whether you are your best self or your worst!

This is just a part of my extended Shields Family!

Here we are at the new Gordon B. Hinckley Alumni Center. Go BYU! We are all Alums!

The married couples wearing their new Christmas attire

Alexa dancing with the snowman

Chels & mike

The 5 sisters

Mom and her sister Kris

Mom with the girls

Clay, Kaitlin, and Alexa

My uncle just breed his pure bred German Shepherd Husky, Kayla, and she had 4 of the cutest puppied ever. We had a great time playing with the puppies.

I can't believe how tall Scott & Eric Sackett have gotten!

Mike & Me (no, I'm not hurting him)

Some how between the last time I saw her and now Megan Sackett grew taller than me!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


So here's some random information for you all:

  • The girl I visit teach has two of her designs on Kleenex boxes.
  • I am very sore from shoveling heavy wet snow.
  • I look good as a Christmas Tree!
  • I got a new job and I love it!
  • My Seminary class is going well (although we are all ready for a break from these early mornings).
  • I'm trying to decided if I should feel bad that I didn't send out a Christmas "Update" when my friends send me Christmas cards and letters with pictures of their beautiful kids or if I should just be glad that I'm still on their list.
  • I'm going to Italy in February and making a dream come true!
  • I've almost read every Jodi Picoult novel.
  • As of December 30th I will have a car.
  • I seem to have lost my Epi-Pen---have any of you seen it?
Well I'm off tomorrow to see my family, My 10 aunts and 9 uncles, my 55 + cousins, and a whole lot of friends I haven't seen in a long time. Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Winter Wonderland

Well it's officially winter here in Boston!

Natalie & I decided to get all bundled up and shovel some snow (quite a feat). We only had 1 shovel so I ventured across the street to the neighbors to borrow a shovel and met my 89 year-0ld (ish) neighbor, Helen. I'm sure I scared her to death in my dark get up covered from head to toe and asked her if I could borrow a shovel and that I would shovel her stairs and walkway for her. She was shocked. About 5 min. later she arrived at the door with shovel in hand saying, "I'm sorry I'm not a spry as I use to be...Come back tomorrow and I will give you a present." (How cute is that!) I told her not to worry about it being it would take me just a few minutes to clear her walk way. She asked if I were new and I was a bit embarrassed to say I had lived across the street from her for almost 2 years now. She smiled and said, "Well I don't get out much" putting the blame on herself. I told her I'd come by again and I'm actually looking forward to it. I can't believe in all this time I have never met most of my neighbors.

So Nat and I shoveled away and had a great time I might add. It's been a long time since I was outside really shoveling loads of snow. I kind of liked it and I'm loving the Winter Wonderland!


So here's what I've been doing for the past 3 months:

In October (10)

A few of us decided to got to the "Greatest Show on Earth"
The Elephants were my favorite part of the show ( and the white Siberian Tigers)

This trick was pretty mind boggling. They got 7 motorcycles going in this little metal round cage at one point! It was amazing!

In October we had a regional Education Conference where Elder Holland came out here to speak. There were great teachers, speakers, and events that brought single adults from all over the East coast together. I had a great time and was able to meet Elder and Sister Holland and talk to them for a few minutes. It was truly an incredible experience. Here are more pictures from the Conference taken by Timothy Connor.

Ben & I enjoy hot chocolate during the opening night festivities.

De Ette & Seth

Timothy & I before the big Black & White Ball at the State Capital

Ty(Texas) & Lisa(DC) came out for the Education Conference and stayed with me

Elder Holland spoke from the heart and was very candid!

We all had a great time at the dance!


I was a flapper. I thought this was a great and easy costume. I wore this on Halloween day to my seminary class. My students were a bit surprised (I think they thought I was dressed like a hooker). When I asked any of them if they knew what I was no one knew. When I told them I was a flapper from the 20's they still had no idea what a flapper was. I was a bit embaressed and took off my wig and boa to teach the lesson that morning. Ha Ha

Julie & Natalie turning into cats.

In November (11)

Natalie's family came to town and you know that means getting all the friends together. Usually this means that I can convince Julie to share her talents (after much begging). Thanks Ju!

The Winter Gala

Danny came down from Vermont to hang out with the Boston Crew and attended the Gala with us. Earlier that day Danny and I checked out the Old North Bridge and the Minute Man Museum and sights.
This dance was more fun than any of us anticipated!

I love these ladies!

Chris & Katasha

Julie & Kylee

Thanksgiving Dinner

Esther was kind and invited me and many others to join her a wonderful Thanksgiving meal. I got to meet new friends and eat wonderful food! Thanks Esther!

Esther & Kylee

In December (12)

The girls down the street and my apartment decided to have a little Holiday Dinner. It was great to get all gathered together. It turned out fantastic!

As part of the festivities that was Natalie's Birthday 14 of us ladies decided to go to the "Urban Nutcracker". We had a great time and the day just got better with the Relief Society Christmas Concert later that night and then of course Natalie's Birthday Bash!

Isn't the birthday girl beautiful in her festive red dress!

Happy 25th Birthday Natalie! (No Julie you already had your birhtday, remember)

These are my "sisters" out her in Boston (I miss you Marianne)

The 3 amigos

Julie and Matt (visiting from Vermont)

The Dr.'s Danny & Matt came to Natalie's Birthday Bash

The roommates

Now I'm semi caught up on life! How are you doing?
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 06, 2007


My mom told me last night that she is so glad that the Lord is the Puppeteer in her life. She told me that she knows that although it might be painful when He pulls the strings that eventually He will direct you where you need to be and when.

Thanks Mom & Dad, Chels & Mike, Danielle & Kevin, and many others for being so supportive as strings in my life are getting pulled. I love you all very much!

Monday, December 03, 2007

15 minute rule

I know that there's some unofficial rule that if you go to a class and the teacher doesn't show up for 15 mintutes or something you can leave the class.

So what happens when you are the teacher and all but 1 of your student don't show up?

I waited until 6:30 am (well past the 15 minute rule) to cancel class. In the meantime I talked to my student and her mom who had come to class the morning for Seminary from Woburn.

Who knew the snow would scare everyone away--certainly not me.