Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The 7 Month Mark!

Who knew when I started blogging 7 months ago that I would end up becoming a blogging junkie?

Monday, August 28, 2006


So this is a sleep deprived Seth, Julie and K. Marie the night before P-Town. This is how we decide what to do on the weekends. Stay up really-really-really late...all pile on my bed, and then decided that we are going to get up very-very early the next morn. Man, I love you guys!

We decided to stop on our way to Cape Cod in Plymouth.

Since we came all this way...we just had to stop at the place where it all started. Plymouth was beautiful, but a little disappointing. Be sure to have other plans if you come out here to check out the birthplace of Thanksgiving!

A replica of the Mayflower

The Plymouth Rock where the Pilgrims landed the Mayflower in 1620!

This is me, greatly disappointed at the Plymouth Rock!

After Plymouth we headed (more like zoomed in the Cheat) to the tip of Cape Cod (thanks for the hand map Ju-Ju-Bee). once there we just enjoyed P-town!

We are hungry so we decided to eat at Mojo's. Why Mojo's you might ask? Well, I won't tell you who but we did have an anti-seafood participant with we had to find a place that appeased all.

Preston returns from getting his food to find that no one has saved him a seat. He is very sad and starts to cry (but doesn't he look good with K. Marie's bag on)?

Umm...umm good! Mojo's food was scrumditiliumpsious!

This beach just didn't cut it for swimming so we found out that there was a shuttle bus "Breeze" that we could pay $1 and it would take us to the "real" beach called Herring Cove.

So this is Herring Cove Beach. The sun was out in full swing and we enjoyed soakin' in the rays, but not so much getting into the water as you can see by this pic...neither did anyone else. It might be because the water was ridiculously cold. upon entering the Cove there was this white board that said the water was 65 degrees, but let me tell you what...NO WAY!

Preston and Seth did komakaze run-dives into the water, I at least stood out in the waves up to my shoulders for a while, but Ju-Ju and Murry...well lets just say they didn't last too long in the freezing water!

I guess in our swimsuits we get a little photo shy.

Seth, K. Marie, Preston, and Julie pausing for a picture moment at the beach. Feel the Love!!

So after we had enough sun, throwing a water-soaked nerf football around, and all of us were sufficiently sun burned--we decided to head back to P-town for some Ice cream.

The place had okay ice-cream but I think we all agree that it probably wasn't the best (as it proclaimed on their banner above the ice cream).

All in all P-town was great, we had a lot of laughs, a lot of food, got a taste of the rainbow, and had a great time to bonding in the Cheat!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Who invented chalk?

The randomness of me part III

So there I was, as usual, taking my morning commute to work (a bus and the T). Today, however, I was in rare form as random questions kept coming to my mind. I usually spend my time on the Bus and T reading, people watching, sleeping etc. Today was different. I'll let you in on my thoughts this morning...

I wonder how much money he actually makes in a day (thoughts directed at a kid that sings in Harvard T station on a regular basis)? He could make it through at least the first round of American Idol.

Did anyone like to hide Barbie's tiny shoes from their little sister as much as me?

Is there someone in some factory far away that actually makes meals and divides them into tiny portions, puts them into plastic containers and sends them to the refrigerator sections in our local grocery stores in the form of frozen T.V dinners so we can bring them home, heat them up, and eat them?

Who invented chalk?

What if I didn't get off on my stop and just took the train to the end of the tracks?

How come my digital camera goes through batteries like they are water?

It feels good to have written another's been too long.

Oh, gross I can still taste the remnants of the vanilla mint toothpaste I tried this morning...sicko!

If I just whacked my hair off tonight--how many of my friends would be honest about how it looks?

Oh, I love getting the chance twice a day to see the beautiful Charles!

Is coke the mormon equivalent for coffee?

And so it went and so it goes...

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


One would think that someone who got a degree in English and Linguistics, was a copy editor of a magazine, did speech/debate in HS, and wants to become a Social Worker/Family Therapist would know how to would think, but recently it is just not the case.

I would say that I usually communicate well with others but for some reason (and thus this entry) I haven't been able to communicate my thoughts or feelings well to anyone. I got so frustrated the other day that I started crying (I hate crying) and then I started laughing because even my tears were sending mixed signals. I can't even communicate in the language of tears.

Lately I find myself lost in thought-unable to conjure up the right words, or the right string of words- to say what I want. I find myself saying words that don't match my thoughts or I don't say anything but my heart is screaming a thousand thoughts. I know I'm not alone in this lack of communication. The thing is this usually happens when people are in love or something crazy and silly like that...what if there is no reason at reason that I can think of for my absolute lack and inability to communicate.

It's weird because I seem to play it off okay-everyone has to communicate- but really I find myself wishing more and more lately that everyone around could just sign. ASL would be a great way to communicate! :)

I am curious as to anyone's thoughts on this topic of communication...any advice?

(sorry for the k's in the title ju-ju-bee,I know how you hate them, but they make a point)

Thursday, August 17, 2006


So I have these great friends. I just can't get enough of them. If you read my blog you probably have noticed that they pop up everywhere. I think I may be addicted to them. The thing is I love being with them. We can go out and take on the town, we can entertain ourselves in the house playin' foosball (yes, this is how you spell it according to and wikipedia), or we can just sit around and talk. Man, I love you guys!

The battle is on...

Timothy and Sue Ellen intent on winning

Seth and Jared battling back...

Seth, me, & Timothy in my favorite spot in their house ( riveled only by the hammock).

Fire Water

Welcome to WaterFire Providence! I had heard about this early in the summer from some friends but we finally decided to check it out. Seth and Jared joined me on our WaterFire adventure. There were hordes of people milling around Providence and it was a beautiful night. Seth got the best parking spot (he's amazing like that!) and we hit the town running! To learn more about the history or events at WaterFire check it out here.

Water + Fire= WaterFire

more WaterFire...

and more WaterFire

The guys I got to hang out with tonight (Lucky me!!)

Seth and I

Jared and I

From across the river I could hear a saxaphone playing. I was drawn to it and so the three of us camped out for a while and listened to a jazz band play. The piano player was amazing and I even went and stood up close so I could see his fingers flyin' over the keys. Jared said the bassist was great too (I have no idea- he sounded great to me). I just loved sitting there listnening to jazz. I really wanted to get up and dance (and did a little bit). I love this music!

The moon and the clock tower reminded me of "Back to the Future". I'm not a great photographer (I leave that to ~T~) but the moon was gorgeous.

"Hola Fresca"

Being with Seth and all I knew we would end up heading to wherever there was dancing. I LOVE to dance, but I am scared to death of Salsa dancing. I have no idea why--I just am. I have turned down numberous opportunities to salsa dance and I would have turned down this one if there had been anyone to dance with Seth (besides Jared). But as it stood it was just me and him and so he took pity on me and actual taught me a thing or two. I was terrible and we both knew it, but I laughed, he laughed, and we both had a great time. I guess it's never to late to conquer's to salsa dancing!

"My Heart Will Go On" was playing in the background so of course I had to strike the famous pose and Seth helped me out a bit....who really knows what's going on behind those eyes?? (thanks for the picture Jared)

Good night and Great Friends!

206 Days

I've lived in Boston for over 6 months now (206 days to be exact). For those of you not from around here I wanted to show you a little of South Station. I come in and out of here every work day. I have grown to love South Station. I eat lunch here sometimes, takes trains from here, and take crazy buses from here and back. There is just something magical about trains that makes me feel like a little kid again whenever I am inside the station. So here's to trains and being a kid!

Our little trojan cow is part of a cow parade check out the other 149 cows here

I absolutely LOVE this place! Many of you know that I'm not a huge sweets person and that I really don't like cakes at all, but these Rosie's cakes are scrumptious! (right Amy?).

Yes, it is 2:00 in the afternoon on a Friday and I'm leaving work. I worked a 12 hour day earlier in the week so I got to leave early and I was one happy girl!

My South Station

Monday, August 14, 2006

wanna go swing?

The randomness of me part II.

As i was taking the bus #71 Watertown home tonight around 9:40pm I had a stroke of genius... Tonight is the perfect night to go swing! So i ran home, I put on my pj's, grabbed K. Marie's keys (and Jared) and headed to the closest set of swings i know.

Once there i had a euphoric time swinging on swings, dancing and doing Yoga poses on that spongy ground they make for kids (that i think is actually more dangerous...rug burns galore) to be safer on, sliding down the plastic slide i barely fit on, and star gazing.

i don't know why it is that i love to swing in all it's fashions. i love hammocks, i love swings. i also love rocking chairs, love the rocking motion of being out on the water in any kind of boat or floating device. i love merry-go-rounds (although i can't seem to find them anywhere anymore).

There's just something magical about swinging...remember how you use to say you were "married" when you were swinging at the same height and speed as the person next to you. Or how you were never really too big for an"underdog". Man, I just love swings!


It's one thing to miss someone but it's entirely different to know why...
  • I miss hearing you talk to me through the magic closet
  • I need more oatmeal creme pies
  • I'm tired of Jack crying for you
  • I'm not fulfilling my laughing quotent
  • Because you aren't here-to never sleep-I have taken over that role...ahhhh!
  • I miss our chats on my bed
  • You asking me how my day went
  • I miss never being able to find my hair claws
  • I miss your off-the-wall-crazy ideas
  • The way people never stop coming over to see you and spend time with you
  • I miss your funny faces
  • Your 6 stages of nerdiness
  • Your laugh
  • Your falling asleep because you are bored of yourself (donkey) sounds
  • The way you seem to fill the entire upstairs with your prescence
  • There's no new movies from the Franklin Library
  • You telling me all your crazy work stories
  • I miss not having someone to tell all the dumb things I do
  • The sound of you watching some random movie on your Notebook
  • Taking off your glasses, turning off your notebook, and tucking you into bed
  • I miss you bein excited to see me at the end of a long day at work
  • Your amazing ability to make everything seem so clear
  • I miss so many more things...
  • I miss you
(Jared does make a fabulous roommate while you are away...but he is not the pine scented air)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My Cell Phone Philosophy

By popular demand(and by this I mean a few people) I was asked to share will others my cell phone etiquette philosophy. I know by doing so I may make some instant enemies, and that's okay. This will work for some and not for others. So if you are one who is trying to ween yourself from your cell phone here are some tips.

The governing rule to my philosophy is:
(Please repeat many times until it sinks in)
  1. I don't have to answer my cell phone
  2. People with whom I'm talking to face to face ALWAYS come before those calling me on the cell phone
  3. If I miss a call (and they don't leave a message) I am not obligated to call them back
  4. Nothing is so important that I am willing to risk my life or those in my car by using my cell phone irresponsibly
  5. When someone leaves a message I need to find time to respond to them
  6. I will not give out my cell phone number to parties that I don't ever intend to answer their calls
  7. I have the power to turn off my cell phone any time I feel I don't want to be reached by others
  8. The very nature of a cell phone provides a way for people to reach me, therefore I will keep my cell phone with me and on most of the time
  9. I do not have to answer my phone when I do not know who is calling me
  10. I will not use my cell phone (this applies to text messages also) to provide a communication buffer for conversations that should take place in person
So there they are. Maybe they can be of use to you. I realize these rules are old fashioned for some. Let me know what you think and if there are anymore rules that you have.

Monday, August 07, 2006

A Good Day!


So after a little searching we decided to get our Sushi from Shilla. The ambiance was great, the food was delicious, and the company...well who could ask for anything more. We decided to get three dishes to share (genius idea from the Ju-Ju-Bee). Ju got the 20 piece Maki Sushi, I got some kind of pot stickerish dumblings, and Seth got a Shrimp & Scallop dish with veggies and glass noodles. The entire meal was absolutely wonderful!

This is what happens when you see that they have spider sushi on the menu...Shock & Awe! I used to have a pet tarantula named Emerson and I can't even begin to imagine eating him (even if he is rolled in rice). DISGUSTING!!

Herrell's Ice Cream

Here at Herrell's we decided to indulge ourselves with some delicious ice cream. I got the Cookies & Cream, Seth went with the Sweet Cream, but Julie (the winner by a long shot) got the classic Banana Split. Three different kinds of ice cream: carrot cake batter, chocolate, and vanilla. Toppings included: banana, almonds, hot fudge, whipped cream, snickers, and of course, a cherry to top it all off. Yummy!

Then we headed off for our day-long adventure. We hit the road in Seth's beaut of a car with the top down and the wind blowing in our faces. We drove by Revere Beach and wound around all these quaint little towns in New England. The places we drove by were absolutely beautiful. Along the way we were privy to a sneak peek at a decadent rich wedding on the beach. We made it out to Castle Rock Marblehead and went to see the light house there. We also went to Manchester by the sea and checked out Singing Beach. All in all the day was magical!

Castle Rock Marblehead

After a Beautiful long drive we got out to do some exploring at Castle Rock Marblehead. Seth is scouting out the rock climbing endeavors that follow.

There is this rock that I really wanted to stand on just outside this picture that Seth and I are investigating. Ended up that the only way to get to it was to sad.

Seth and I doing a little rock climbing.

I guess I wanted to take back a souvenir from our trip--battle wounds! I got these rock climbing. (picture taken a few days later so it looks a ton better then when it happened)

Seth rock climbing and almost killing himself (Not the smartest thing to do).

We also stopped by the local Light House and while Seth was doing some exploring on his own-Julie and layed on the grass and looked at the clouds. This place was just a breeze. I kept thinking that it would be the perfect place to fly a kite and have a picnic. I'll have to remember to come back.

Manchester By The Sea Singing Beach

Thank you Vanna Julie and Seth. Singing Beach was great located in the lovely Manchester By The Sea (yes this is the name of the place).

By the time we got to Singing Beach I really wanted to actually get into the water. So Julie and Iwent into the bath house to change. Just as we were getting out this lady came around to tell everyone she was turning out the lights because the bath house was closing (that's when you know that you are late). Jules and I braved the cold water (well up to waist, at least) anyway because, well, we did go to the beach after all! Seth walked the beach while Julie and I got attacked by slimy seaweed. We got to watch the sun go down.

On the drive back home the sky was a cornicopia of colors going from purple, to purple/pink, then a blueish color and it was gorgeous. What a good day!

To end one good day Julie and Seth made Beer Brauts for all of us to enjoy. This was my first time to eat brauts and I very much enjoyed it.