Wednesday, January 31, 2007

One Year Anniversary!!

~January 31, 2007~
Happy Birthday
Blog! 300th Post!

It's been one year since I started this blog....300 posts ago. I can't believe how much I love my life in Boston. A few days ago I hit the anniversary of my one year mark in Boston. Looking back on this past year I am amazed at how much the Lord has blessed me! I have accomplished so much, I have been blessed so much, I have so many amazing friends, and I live in Boston!

Now that I'm finished with AmeriCorps (& my current job will be ending next week) I can look forward to my new job and Grad School. I am excited for things to come and I'm grateful for this past year. For my growth, for the things I've learned, for the people I've loved, for the life I've lived.

I have lived the questions, I have laughed out loud, I've sung to my heart's content, I have spoken my mind, I have held my peace, I've kissed in the rain, I've cried alone in the dark, I've been patriotic, I've been counted my blessings, I've endured great pain, I've felt much joy. I've written many poems, a few songs, and lots of my feelings. I've been to different places, I've been home, many of my friends have gotten married, many have had children, and many have died. I have chosen faith over fear, I'm making things happen and I'm letting things go.

I will go to Italy, I am determined to do the Lord's will, and I will be happy doing whatever it is I'm doing. I will laugh, I will love, and I will make sure everyone around me knows I love life. I will do all this and more... here's to one more fantastic year!

Below are some random pictures of fun I've had with my friends lately, enjoy!

Abby, Kylee (yes that is her name), & Kylee on the T. These beautiful ladies (also Sterling & Andrew) came to check out Boston for the weekend. We had a blast together. It was a little trippy to have Kylee around (she felt the same way) since neither of us is used to having someone around with the same name.

You all know Julie & Marie are beautiful, smart, and witty, but did you know they are amazing musicians also? Now you know--no excuses!

Julie is so entertaining she has us laughing, singing, and mostly just adoring her!

The CT kids were warmly welcomed to Boston with a stop at Julie's--that quickly turned into a party! Thanks Ju-Ju for making every night a party.

This was all of us putting on our party faces at the beginning of Ju's Party! Do we convince you that we are having oh so much fun?

Hallelujah for Julie & Jared and their amazing musical abilities!

This party was hosted by the Ju-Ju Bee as an all things celebratory occasion. Julie still has a job, Kylee got a new job, Marie is engaged....etc. It was so much fun. Many others have already blogged this wonderful occasion. Some highlight's include: dance party, awkwardest moments, talking about gross foods we love to eat, a run way walk off, indulgence in food and You Tube, and so much more. I love the peeps in this picture!

Impromptu Engagement Party! This is Sunday and the day before I picked up Preston & Marie at the Airport from their Book of Mormon Cruise. They announced their new engagement (the proof was on the finger) and there were lots of hugs and exclamations of joy.

Later that night ( I might say that I was already in bed) I heard more exclamations of joy...thinking that it was just Marie & P-town announcing their engagement I didn't go down at first...but the rejoicing just kept going on and on and on. So I dragged myself downstairs and was blinded by the bling bling!

My other roommate, Cheryl, had come home engaged to her long time boyfriend William. More rounds of hugs and shouts of exclamations. So now if ever marriage was in the air...

Colleen, Marie, Preston, Natalie (my new roommate), and Jared just chillin' in the kitchen.

Man, I love my life!

Grad School

This post is for all my friends who are currently waiting to hear back from Dental Schools, Grad Schools, and looking for Grown Up jobs....Good luck and God Bless.

Simmons School of Social Work said yes to me! I'm waiting to hear back from a few more, but it's nice to know that at least one Grad School wants me to get my MSW with them! Yippee!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Training Week

Most of you know this already but I am done with AmeriCorps!! My last day of AmeriCorps was on Friday. I am still working at AFC Mentoring for 2 weeks as a consultant (wich basically just means that they are now paying me to do my job and train the girl who is taking over my job).

I have mixed emotions about leaving my job (not so much about leaving AmeriCorps). I have loved being here and learning so many different things. It has been great to be surrounded by such passionate people who are working for a great cause.

Over all I have enjoyed being an AmeriCorps member but it is time to get a paying job and pull myself out of poverty! I am very excited about my new job as a case worker for Big Brothers of Mass. Bay.

Thank you for all your support this past year, for listening to me complain, for believing in me, for supporting me, for understanding me, and mostly...for loving me despite all my failings!

2006 has been a fantastic year! Here's to 2007!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Past Pets

This is the famous Emerson I have told many of you about. He was my favoritest pet ever! I miss Emerson greatly. No worries...K. Marie Thompson gave me a fake quishy tarantula to remember Emerson. Thanks!

I never named this colorful fella. He's a Leopard Gecko. Soon after I got him I noticed his R leg had problems. Come to find out he had some kind of disease that eventually (about a year after I got him, killed him). I mostly just called him "Buddy".

Sunday, January 14, 2007

All Things Marie

I thought I would seize the opportunity to write about Kristi Marie Thompson whilst she is off cruising somewhere and taking in an Ancient America Book of Mormon Tour. This way she won't be too embarrassed or blush too much, everyone who knows her will have read this and moved on by the time she actually gets back and reads it herself, and she will know I missed her!

[warning: In this post I am going to go on and on about Marie and do so gladly].

I had been in Boston 2 weeks already and I was sleeping on my sister and brother in law's couch in their shoe box apt. I didn't know anyone except Amy Easton (I knew from EFY) and she happen to call to invite me to eat some Sushi with friends. I love Sushi and I was up for meeting new people so I braved the T and headed to Porter Square. The Sushi wasn't that great, we waited forever to be served, and I don't recall who was there eating with Amy and I except for 2 girls. One of the girls was Abby Bushman and the other was Marie Thompson. I remember Abby because she mentioned having a room available and I just happen to be looking for a room to rent (we would later find out we share a first cousin). I remember Marie because from the moment I met her there was this feeling inside me that I needed to be wherever she was. Come to find out she was living in the house where Abby's room was for rent and in one dinner I gained a room, in a beautiful house, and a friend for life!

I am not kidding when I tell you how profound of an affect Marie had on me. I went home and told my sister and brother in law that I had to get Abby's room. It was more than I wanted to pay, but it was where I needed to be. That was one of the best decisions I've made since moving to Boston.

Just so you all know...that feeling has never left me. I am still amazed at the majesty of Marie. I love her artwork, I love her obsession with Unicorns, I love that she went out and bought a couch cover and floor mats. I love that she rearranged our entire house one day on a whim and that she brought home 3 Beta fish. I love that she shares food with me, shares a "magic" closet with me, and most importantly shares her vision of life with me. I love that she loves to write, that she's independent, and confident. I love that she's got more creativity in her little pinky finger than I possess in my entire body. I love her falafels! I love it when she sits down to play the guitar and if I'm lucky I get to sing along. I love it when she tells me how in love she is. I could go on and on...There are a few people in your life that once you know them you can't imagine how you were ever really whole without them. For me, K. Marie Thompson is one of those people!

I remember one day in particular when Marie was very sad...something about guy (if you only knew how many precious tears were shed over you stupid boys). I closed the closet door we'd been talking through, I knelt down at my bed, and I cried and poured my heart out to the Lord for her. There is something serene that happens when you truly love someone else. You stop worrying if the sun is shining on you, you stop dwelling on your problems, and suddenly you catch a glimpse of how much you love them and the difference they've made in your life. In that moment all you want is for them to be happy, for them to somehow catch a glimmer or a glimpse of what you see when you look at them. That day all I wanted her to know was that she was more than enough. So a few days later I wrote her a song called, "Enough". The chorus went something like this:
For I am strong enough
I am wise enough
I am just enough
I am kind enough
I am bold enough
I struggle just enough
I am enough

The feeling I had sitting down at the piano to write this song for Marie was a lot like the feeling I had sitting down to write this blog entry tonight, awe!

There is no particular reason why I wanted to write about Marie tonight. I was sitting on the couch (with the new cover) enjoying my clean house and thinking about how blessed and grateful I am. Marie came to mind...thus this blog.

So to my Marie, I love you so much. I have loved all our late night chats, the never sleeping, the piling onto my bed, the Slurpee runs, the music nights, the adventures, the rock climbing, the road trips, music writing, the museums, the DIY projects, and so many more memories to be made!

PS Preston, earlier in this blog I almost called Marie my best friend in Boston, but I think that you have earned that title. You are truly her best friend and she yours. Thank you for making her smile, for loving her, for recognizing the many facets that make up her, and for putting up with all of us in the process!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

How Strong is Your Faith?

Here is an article that just tugs at your heart strings. I read it while I was in Utah.

Community Rallies Together to Help Family

Thursday December 28th, 2006

- Daily Herald

His family watched as Gary Ceran laid Tiny Tim to rest in Scrooge's dream for the last time Saturday night.

It's a poignant scene for a father who has in reality buried five young children, said Hale Center Theater Executive Producer Sally Dietlein.

In the play, two of Bob Cratchit's children were Ceran's own, Caleb, 12, and Clarissa, 19, who are learning to love the stage as much as their father.

In the audience was the rest of the family, mother Cheryl, Ian, 15, and Julianna, 7.

Their last night together was spent celebrating the final performance of the Ceran family.

"They had their coats on and we hugged them and said goodbye," Dietlein said.

After some last-minute holiday shopping at Wal-Mart around 2:30 a.m., they were at 5400 South and 700 West in Murray enjoying thoughts of Christmas Eve when their Mercury Sable was demolished by a man police say was drunk.

Cheryl and Ian were killed instantly. Julianna was transported to Primary Children's Medical Center with Caleb, where she died.

Caleb has a broken pelvis and ribs. He was released Christmas Day.

The car wrapped around Clarissa Ceran's legs -- friends hope it doesn't shatter her dreams of dancing at Brigham Young University, where she attends school.

The driver was Carlos Prieto, 24, of West Valley City. Murray Police Detective Kenny Bass said that Prieto admitted to drinking five beers before the crash. He is charged with three counts of vehicular homicide.

This is Prieto's third DUI offense, according to charging documents. He is being held without bail until his first appearance in court, at which point bail will be $500,000.

Despite losing half his family, Gary Ceran is looking beyond anger.

"He said 'You know we have 100,000 people praying for us probably, but who's praying for the man who did this?' " Dietlein said.

Neighbors talk about the love the family had for each other. Plenty of friends heard the family laugh, but no one ever heard them yell.

"That family had been through fire together, into the depths," Dietlein said. "They were so closely knit, when they were in the room they were standing together all of them in the clump."

And while their family was just split in half, neighbor and former LDS bishop Greg Kofford said that the family sees themselves as much larger. As parents, Gary and Cheryl lost three other children ranging from 3 weeks old to 14 months due to a genetic defect, where the children were born with tumors on the brain stem. Twins born prematurely also died within a day of their birth.

Kofford said that the faith-centered family has the perspective that they are always a family, no matter the circumstances of death. He said that he watched when Gary Ceran, who was released from the hospital first, told his remaining children that their family was now three.

"They just said 'Well, we're still family, and we'll carry on,' " he said.

The family of local performers -- they've been in Savior of the World together at the LDS Conference Center and numerous performances at Hale and in Utah County -- are being honored by two special performances Friday night at the Hale Centre Theatre. "See How They Run" was set to start Saturday, but is opening early with two shows, one at 5 p.m. and one at 8 p.m. to benefit the Ceran family. Tickets are $15.

Because the performance wasn't scheduled, Dietlein said that 100 percent of the funds raised can go toward helping the family.

"We expect to have them completely sold out. We're half-full already," Dietlein told The Associated Press. "People have been calling for tickets and saying, 'add 200 dollars, 100 dollars, 50 dollars.' "

You can also learn more by going to this website

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Happy New Year...Happy Birthday!

New year's and my birthday was amazing at Times Square in NYC. I met Andrew, Mike, and two of Andrew's friends, Rachelle (in the picture) and her sister, in NYC. I had just flown home from UT on saturday. So I unpack, repacked a few things, slept for a few hours, and then got on a 4 hour bus to NYC. Then once I got to Times Square (12:00) I waited for 12 hours to watch this miniscule ball drop. The ball left much to be desired but being with Andrew and Michael was amazing! We got to hear Tony Braxton, The Jersey Boys, Rascal Flatts, Christina Aguilera, POD, and many more performer live. We actually got to hear them a few times because they had practices and then the performances. All in all it was a great day/night!

Best Friends! I was really happy to be with Michael for New Years and my BirthdaydThey gave out all this free stuff. Mike and 'Dru went up front to catch these bags filled with: a hat, a scarf, pom-poms, and glasses. Later they handed out long balloons with streamer on them. It was a fun, crazy night!

Just a little taste of what the ground looked like...yuck!

Spending New Years with the two amazing guys was worth every minute of waiting, cop acousting, crazy girl complaining, trash infested ground, crazy girl's frozen feet, being the scum too many times, and so much more.

Happy 2007!

Mike and I just chillin. The weather was actually pretty nice for the time of year. Just before this picture was taken we had all been herded like cattle into this certain area to be shoved into this other area. I guess they were telling people that they couldn't get into the "waiting area" (where you waited to see the ball drop--the place we had already waited 4 hours to get to) if they had bags that weren't see through or back packs. Well I had a back pack with a few thing in it because I was going to spend the night in CT. So as Mike and Andrew got through the cops I was whisked away....literally. I was grabbed by one cop and shoved out of the line and into a few other cops. Then I was thrown around quite a bit and down this chute of cops and baracades etc. It made me really nervous because the cops were really hassling me. Then all of a sudden they were inside and I was out. Micheal called me and we were able to give him my backpack...he was already through the check...and then I was easily able to get back in line and go through. Let's just say that I am very glad that I ended up being able to stay! Thanks for saving me Mike!

Andrew, me, and Michael getting excited for the "real" countdown. We had counted down New Years for lots of other place around the world. I did a special shout out for Scott Sackett, serving an LDS Mission, when we did the count down for England's New Year.

This is how we passed the time for 12 hours. We played a gazillion games of "scum". 'Dru and I had a blast!


Here a just a few pictures from Chrismas in Lodi, California. It was great to be with my family!

My mom made these delicious muffin/cinnamon rolls (sort of like Cinnabon) for breakfast Christmas morning! Yummy!

I love making...and eating homemade suckers!!

The Christmas Tree looks a little bare without all the presents underneath her.

Every year we each get to decorate our own gingerbread house. If you look closely you can see mine in the back with my name on it. We usually have a big chruch with sucker (glass) stained windows but my brother's friend "accidently" destroyed it. I love this family tradition.

Christmas Morning

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Saturday December 30, 2006
  • 7:25 am leave on plane from SLC airport for Providence, RI
  • 12:05 pm arrive at Chicago airport where my next plane is being held for me (never good a good sign when you have checked luggage).
  • 3:10 pm arrive in Providence and find out 1 suitcase made it and 1 suitcase didn't
  • About 5:00ish drive around in Pawtucket looking for food.
  • Sometime later arrive in Watertown, MA (home, sweet home)
Sunday December 31, 2006
  • 5:45 am drive over to friends house to get my wallet I left last night
  • 6:ooish am take Bus # 71 to Harvard
  • 6:30ish am take the T to South Station and buy a Greyhound bus ticket (Fung Wah was sold out).
  • 8:05 am get on greyhound bus (waited in line forever) and head to NYC.
  • 12:00 pm arrive in Manhattan, NY and begin the count down to New Year's
Monday January 1, 2007
  • 1:00am get on a train from Grand Central Station in NYC to Stamford, CT
  • 2:30 am ride a car to some place where my friend lives in CT
  • 3:00 is pm get in a car and drive to Bridgeport, CT
  • 4:15 pm get on a bus and head to New Haven, CT
  • 5:00 pm transfer buses and head to Hartford, CT
  • 6:16 pm transfer buses again and head to Boston (this time express to South Station)
  • 8:30 is pm arrive at South Station
  • 8:40 pm get on the T and head for Harvard
  • 9:15 is pm arrive at Hard and get on Bus #71 to Watertown, MA
  • 10:00 ish pm (after walking to my house from the bus stop in the rain) I am home!
Would I do it all a heartbeat! I loved every minute of it. All the awkward, strange people on the public transportation,the second hand smoke, the kid in the back of the bus that wouldn't stop crying, the wait for 12 hours (mostly standing up) in Times Square to see a minuscule ball drop, the live musical performers, the game upon endless game of Scum to pass the time, the friends I love, the inability to go to the bathroom for a LONG time, the crazy hats, scarves with bells, glasses, balloons with streamers, drunk people around us, and much much more. I loved every stinking minute of it! Happy New Year!

Oh and P.S my suitcase did arrive...finally!

Wicked, Wicked Emails!

I went into work a half hour early because I knew I would have a lot of emails to sift through. Technically I was only out of the office for 7 work days. When I came in and turned on my computer I was floored at how many emails awaited me. Can you guess?? there were 5860 email in my inbox. After the junkmail filter went into high speed action there was still 3680 emails I had to individually filter through. What a nightmare!