Friday, June 20, 2008

"Say What You Need To Say"

There's just a few things I need to say:
  • i love breaking through the boxes people put me in
  • yes I have wanderlust and I love it
  • it is possible to be single and very happy
  • i just might melt in Arizona
  • Peggy you inspire me
  • has it really been 10 years since I graduated from high school
  • W & C you both were unexpected and much needed in my life
  • does anyone else (besides you Marie) have story plots going on in their head non stop
  • who needs an ipod when they have music constantly running though their minds
  • seth there is more for you-let go
  • bittie--a person that is very young and small (my current singles ward is full of them)
  • boston sports rock
  • thanks for listening to me Amy S--I hope things are better
  • being a "mom" of three kids is amazing, fun, and rewarding
  • being a "mom" of three kids is a lot of work, tiring, and unthankful
  • i hate being in debt
  • i have a deep fear of ambulances
  • i miss my brother Grant at random times
  • Ju-Ju-Bee you will love Provo
  • is it possible to love too much
  • the idea of one big decision at a time has saved my life the past 5 months
  • I love knowing what, where, when, and how i will be living my life for the next year
  • I may be behind on most things techy but I was an "early adopter" with blogs
  • to the 10 people who got my "special" letters I think you would be proud of my changes
  • Tash I will find a way to thank you for everthing
  • to my friends I didn't spend enough time with--I am sorry
  • to my friends who got too much time with me--I am sorry--ha ha
  • Nat I am proud of your Celtics loyalty
  • i miss Walden Pond, the trees in VT, the Old North Bridge, the Charles, Boston summers
  • Timothy I won't give up on you--make it happen
  • yes SYTYCD is my favorite summer show
  • i need much more Kirsti in my life
  • I may not say it out loud very often but in heart I want to be a mom
  • i love diet coke
  • I will never tire of you Jessica
  • I really miss you Kris & Daniel--I know I need to less talk more do
  • i will learn to play the guitar if it kills me
  • I hate lists of "things you want in a husband etc"
  • I love my "make it happen" list
  • Sister i am still planning to see you in Africa--with or without the fam
  • Mommy don't worry you are doing a wonderful job
  • do you all know how proud i am of my sister chelsea
  • parents some day i will get it together
  • Danielle find some of your passions and live them fully
  • thanks for supporting my dreams
  • to the guy in my new ward who sat by me when nobody else did--you made my day
  • what exactly do you people mean when you say that i am "too much"
  • what is wrong with the single guys in my propinquity--i am a catch--ha ha
  • Rachel c you win the prize for making me laugh out loud
  • KEP you are amazing and i love your mix cd's
  • to the cute guy at Enterprise Rental in Orem--are you single--want to go out
  • James Eliot Brown &  Emily Rose Brown---where did you go
  • i'm not sure if singles wards are doing what they intended to do
  • to my new HT thanks for not making me feel so "old"
  • thanks grams for letting me crash at your house
  • consistency is a great feeling
  • to my NorthStar friends I've been MIA and I apologize
  • Michael Adam i am so sorry
  • i am afraid sometimes to want what I don't have for fear of being ungrateful for what I do have
  • the longer I  live the more I desire to surround myself with people who have kigatsuku
I you haven't heard the song, "Say" by John Mayer--the reference of this blog title-you should really check it out! Also the movie, "The Bucket List" is the only movie John Mayer has written a song for to this point in his career. It is a fantastic movie!

Heart & Soul

If you look 3 posts earlier in my blog you will see my Best Friend Kimberlee Ann & her husband Ryan. They both look healthy and happy. A week after I took this picture Kim had major complications due to her battle with Crone's disease.

Early Sunday morning she had an emergency surgery where they removed part of her small intestine and flushed our her system that was thronged with infection.  She was taken to the ICU without them closing he up--she needed to have another major surgery in a few days when her infection subsided.

This is where I entered the picture. Her amazing husband let me stay that first night with her in the ICU. My heart was breaking to see her covered in a gazillion IV's, a PIC line, a breathing tube, a respirator, and so much more!  i couldn't believe that just a week earlier she seemed to be doing so well.

For those of you who don't know- Kim is my oldest and dearest friend. We met when we were about 4 years old and have been BFF's since. In some ways you couldn't find two more different people then her and I. In other ways we are kindred spirits.

Sitting in her ICU room all night, and being with her in that situation really made me think about life! There are so many things I take for granted, so many things left unsaid, so many lessons to be learned. It's amazing how something like this put things into perspective!

Thankfully she is doing very well now and out of the ICU after her second surgery went really well. She doesn't remember anything about the past few days (probably a blessing) but I will never forget her kindness to everyone!

Thank you so much to my family & others who have been praying for her.  Thank you Ryan for letting me take some of your time away from your wife. Thanks Karen for all the updates and support! I love you all so much.

And since Kim, my #1 blog fan, will hopefully be reading this soon I love you so much! I don't tell you or show you enough.  You scared me there for a bit but you are such a strong fighter!   Don't you worry friend, the Lord knows the desires of your heart! In the meantime get better so we can play again soon!

Love you with all my Heart &  Soul

Back to School Special!

So my old laptop died--I needed a new friend and Apple was having a great "school special":

Buy this:
Get this free:
And this free:

I know I'm way behind on all these fun gadgets but I am so excited to have all of them! They make life a bit more connected and exciting!  

on a side note: my summer class is going really far

Orem Summerfest Parade

Here I am with Jack sparrow.  I got finagled into being on the Parade Committee for Orem's big Summerfest event this year. I was originally co-chair of the royalty in the parade. Meaning that Melissa & I were to find out what royalties were planning on being in the parade. Later I just ended up helping with things overall.  

The day of the Parade I ended up being the official "picture taker" of each float/band/etc that was in the parade. I am amazed that I even took this one picture on my camera. It was pretty fun driving a golf cart all around and enjoying a wonderfully hot Flag Day!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Best Friends!

I was really excited to be able to go see my BFF, Kimberlee Ann (Young) Cook, and her husband, Ryan Cook this past Sunday. Kimberlee made a delicious dinner, I shared my Italy scrapbook and we caught up on life. Before I left they let me try out their Wii Fit.

I was a little nervous that it would tell me I was fat or something. Come to find out my BMI is right for my age and height. I am a little shaky when it comes balancing ( see picture for one of the yoga poses I did well doing). All in all I did okay except for my Wii Fit age: 32--yikes! I need to work on that!

It was so much fun being with my the Cooks and I hope to return very soon. Afterall we have a guitar hero battle to wage! Thanks Ryan & Kim!


You know those friends who make you smile
Take you back w/such ease & grace
They know your ways-they know your style
Know when to pry and when to give space

And although you're all grown up & such
Travelled different paths along the way
You find you can talk about so much
With never a lack of things to say

It's crazy how much you let down your guard
How much your maturity melts away
How great it feels to laugh that hard
At the end of such a wonderful day

And just as quickly as you've assembled there
Life comes barrelling in & you're on your way
So you say your goodbyes & that you care
All the while wishing that you could all stay

And as you leave w/ a smile on your face
You feel grateful for love like this
And know you'll meet again in another place
Once again as friends to reminisce

6/6/08 Kylee Shields

* we got a little bit carried away w/the picture taking--it had been a long time!