Sunday, December 05, 2010

Animated Sidekicks

I realized something new about myself. I was putting together a sort of whimsical Christmas Wish List and I realized that I pretty much love animated sidekicks. Who knew--I know it's weird but oh well!

Christmas Wish List:
--Little yellow dude from "Despicable Me"
--Little green lizard from "Tangled"
--A pet dragon from "How to Train Your Dragon"
--A little green Mike from "Toy Story"
--An awesome & hot boyfriend

Some of the sidekicks I adore:
"How To Train Your Dragon" has a very small but deadly dragon named The Terrible Terror

"Tangled" has a little chameleon lizard named Pascal

"Mulan" has Mushu

"Despicable Me" has yellow minions

"Toy Story 2" has the little green aliens

"Cinderella" has mice-mice

"The Little Mermaid" has Sebastian