Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Favorite Things (A Few of Them at Least)

I figured it was time to let you in on a few of my favorite things. I LOVE all these things/products/music lately. I hope that if you don't know about them you can check them out--seriously!

I know everyone has their own playlists they love and music of the day so I just wanted to share a few of my current (and old) favorite artists.

Here is one of my favorite songs on her new album

Here is one of my favorite songs written by Jonathan and sung by him and Jeremy Jordan

Here is one of my favorite songs written by Scott and sung by the amazing Broadway Boys

If you know me at all than you might be surprised that I'm posting makeup favorites at all. I am not too big into makeup and rarely spend much money on products. However, these are some of my favorite things lately and I hope you check them out!
This inexpensive face primer is magical and you can get it at Target

This is so great to set makeup and to refresh you face for the evening. Found at Target
This is the most amazing foundation. It is a bit on the expensive side ($30) but it last forever and is amazing!

I am addicted to this stuff. If you are so white like me but want to have tan legs w/o tanning this is your product! It can be hard to find sometimes b/c it is usually with all the other Sally Hansen stuff in the Nail department.

I love all things Burt's but this chapstick is incredible and keeps my lips moisturized even in the toughest of weather out on the trail in the heat all day. I love how it feels, smells, and it's just the right amount of tint.

I know there are a lot of ways to manage your money but this is what I use and I find it really helpful. I set goals and pay things off and get really excited about reaching my goals. It works with all social media and you get text reminders, see where you spend your money, and figure out great ways to save!

I am not that great at eating meal (the joys of single life) so I am always looking for snacks that I can carry around and enjoy. Here are a few of my new favorites

I am always looking for natural ways to help my body heal and work properly. Recently, I started a few new things that I am excited to learn more about but am currently loving.

I have really loved going to Jason Alston my new Myropractor. He is professional, kind, and knowledgable. You can find out more about what Jason does here: Natural Motion or the link below
Do Terra Essential Oils
A few weeks ago I was having a really severe (Anaphylaxis) allergy attack and so I got ready to use my Epi Pen but I didn't really want to go through the side affects so I asked my roommate if she had any DoTerra Essential Oils that would help with breathing and she shared with me some BREATHE. I used it and was amazed at how quickly it worked and was glad I didn't have to use my Epi Pen. So, now I'm a believer and have my own kit like the one below!

As a writer I am always looking for new avenues to write and I am also always looking for great books, blogs, podcast, etc. to read or listen. Here are some of favorites. Sidenote: I write for both of these below so yes, I am biased.

Awhile back I got contacted by Deseret Connect to maybe write for them. They are sort of like a think tank for LDS writers. So basically you write about whatever you love, if an Editor likes your piece then they choose your article, and they work with you to publish. They work with such media outlets as Deseret Book, KSL TV,, Mormon Times, and many more.

Read this blog. You will love it. I promise. It is filled with truth, light, love, experience, and great tools to help you walk forward in your life. If you are familiar with ANASAZI (where I work) then this blog is a spin off of the principles that run through ANASAZI.