Make it Happen

Goals To Accomplish Before I Turn 34
  1. Take a dance class
  2. Get a new stamp on my passport (summer 2014!!)
  3. Learn how to make 7 different meals (7 cooking lessons)
  4. Make a recipe book
  5. Take a karate/boxing class
  6. Get outside my comfort zone
  7. Finish 1000 piece puzzle
  8. Read a book series
  9. Be in a musical (auditioned & got called back)
  10. Write a love song
  11. Take my LMSW test
  12. Sing with my niece
  13. Hold boundaries (be bold)
  14. Try online dating again
  15. Write 100 letters/cards or validation/gratitude
  16. Take guitar lessons (Sulay Tovar)
  17. Do a sewing project
  18. Read the BOM in one sitting
  19. Work on my fiction manuscript
  20. Do a book signing 
  21. Write for another blog
  22. Create an LDS Midsingles "Event"
  23. Write a missionary
  24. Write someone in the Military (Tyson Pyle)
  25. INSPIRE goes on tour
  26. INSPIRE gets a Youth Group
  27. Get an article publish
  28. Make a new close friend
  29. Rekindle a friendship
  30. Start Life Coaching
  31. Redo my website (
  32. Go on a date
  33. Interview an inspiring person and put it on Forward Walking
  34. Make a second CD w/ INSPIRE
Goals To Accomplish Before I Turn 33
  1. Use my ASL
  2. Give away a Book of Mormon
  3. Venture  into online dating (well, try it out at least)
  4. Take a dance class (Ballet/Jazz)
  5. Help someone else make it happen
  6. Run a race
  7. Get health insurance
  8. Get a new stamp on my passport
  9. Learn how to make 7 different meals (7 cooking lessons)
  10. Make a recipe book
  11. Get out of debt w/ parents
  12. Take a Karate/Boxing class
  13. Read the Book of Mormon in one sitting
  14. Autograph my own published book
  15. Finish a 1000 piece puzzle
  16. Be in a musical
  17. Start a singing group and perform with them live
  18. Ride a train
  19. Do a Blog Tour (some kind of social media marketing adventure)
  20. Write a love song
  21. Do something completely out of my character
  22. Write 50 Letters of validation/gratitude
  23. Understand my body better (energy work or chiropractic work)
  24. Sign my book publishing contract
  25. Dance/Kiss somewhere completely random & sporadic
  26. Do a sewing project
  27. Create & participate in a "generative/creative" group (e.g. mastermind, writing group, etc.)
  28. Dance in the rain
  29. Go hiking at Papago Park
  30. Own a guitar
  31. Take guitar lessons
  32. Write a pen pal
  33. Say I Love You to a significant other

1 comment:

Catie said...

I just discovered your blog and just wanted to say I think we need to become long distance bff's. I love your goals lists and your letters to your friends and thoughts on the embarassing and shameful behavior of others towards those in the OW movement. I know this is totally randim, but I feel we may be kindred spirits and feel compelled to post this.