Monday, May 27, 2013

Why I like Wedding Announcements

I should probably start this post with this:

This arrived the other day in the mail from my sister, Kaitlin (10 yrs younger than me), and I was so excited and happy to receive it! I had never been asked to be a bridesmaid like this (and I have been a bridesmaid a gazillion times) before.

Kate is the 3rd girl of 6 in my family to get married. All 3 are younger than me. All of them have wicked awesome husbands/fiance. I am so excited and looking forward to my little sister's wedding—just like I did for both my other sister's weddings.

Every time one of my younger sister's get engaged it's like it opens pandora's box for me. People come out of the woodworks to ask me if I'm okay, if I need their support, if I have a boyfriend or someone to take to the wedding, etc.

It's as if my sister's joy has to be my demise. They are NOT one in the same. I am not broken b/c I am single. I am actually doing really well in my life.  I am super happy that my sister found the love of her life. In fact, the longer I am single, the more happy I get when people in my life miraculously find someone they want to spend the rest of their life with—it is such a mystery.

Most likely, and mark my words, I will be receiving my 4th & younger sister's wedding announcement before I can find a solid boyfriend—and I will be over the moon excited for her and her man!

I'm writing this post b/c so many of my single female friends HATE wedding announcements, baby announcements, save the dates, etc. It's as if someone else's joy means more misery for them. In fact, I have heard some of them say awful things, about other people's happiest moments, just to make themselves feel better.

People. There is enough love and joy to go around. If someone else is happy be happy for them. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Stop being jealous of their happiness. 

I can't imagine how dismal my life would be if I felt anything but joy every time I got a wedding or baby announcement. Instead, I have books, a drawer, and a cork board filled with announcements of joy and love!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Boston Days 9 & 10

I can't help but fall madly deeply in LOVE with Boston every time I visit!!

 Besides going to church to see friends, eating from some of my favorite places, and enjoying the city itself—I also got to go to my FAVORITE place to eat "Not Your Average Joe's" with some of my favorite people!
Mooney, Myself, & Seth

Seth & his GF with the sign in the background that says, "Watertown Strong & Boston Strong"!

New York Day 8

This was the one place I really really wanted to eat at in NYC but it was closed.
very sad & disappointed that Lime Jungle was closed...

we got over it quickly! 

We ate at Eataly instead and it was wicked awesome!

You can't eat at Eataly and not get the Gelato

Last time I was in NYC there was no High Line but I had heard such great things about it so Kim & I decided to try it out and walk the line. I especially loved that it was set on an old railroad track!

We put our name in the lottery to hopefully win cheaper tickets to Newsies on Broadway...
...And Kimberlee's name was drawn. We were both excited b/c as kids we had watch the movie Newsies with Christian Bale over & over & over a gazillion times together!
This picture was taken for my adorable niece Eden, who loves Elmo!

Connecticut Days 6 & 7

I loved every minute that I got to spend with my BFF (since we were 4) in her city of Hartford and in CT. I had a blast and it was good to spend a few days with Kimberlee!

Kikki & Sasha love me!

On of my favorite things I ended up doing on my Back East trip was going through the Samuel Clemmens (aka Mark Twain) house and learning all about his life and family.

The second day in CT we went to the city of Mystic and ate at "Mystic Pizza" which has wicked awesome pizza but also got famous from a movie that Julia Roberts was in years ago. We also walked around town and visited the Seaport.