Sunday, April 29, 2007


This is the new Alumni Building at BYU. It's huge and looks like it will be beautiful. It was great to be back on campus. I just love this school!

Kristen and I

Kris & Dan Wood with Kylee. "match maker, match maker, make me a match!"

Laura, Kylee, Brett, Meg, and Sara

My aunt Kris and my Grandma Brinkerhoff at Olive Garden.

Grandma and I. They are the reason I decided to stop over in Utah after the wedding. I wanted to spend some time with both my Grandmas. I love you Grandma B!


Preston and Marie Criddle's Wedding
April 19, 2007
The wedding was beautiful and since Julie cried enough for both of us I managed to keep the tears in check. It was simple but eternal.
I ate a bunch of great food, bought $2 flip flops at Walmart to walk around in for the day, went to a rocking reception, pinch hit for a few songs as the piano player (Jared and Seth saved the day by buying speakers and hooking them up to a laptop). Then We took Julie to the airport, stopped at the local Institute singles mingle to see my 2 cousins, ate some more good food, got water spilled on me, and went to bed exhausted--just in time to wake up and fly to Utah.
Thanks Jared for taking me to the airport and for letting me hang out with you and your friends--even Mark. Thanks Marie for hosting me in your wonderful home and for inviting me to your beautiful wedding.

Julie, Jenny (Jen-Dar), Kylee

So that's where all the kidlets are--smile!

The Groom (Preston) and his Best Man (Cameron)-- oh and look there's Julie

Let's try this again...

Look at the cute married couple--love those Criddles!

Julie and Jared performed at the wedding reception and they were beautiful.

The cake stuffing thing--who started this tradition anyway?

I think they both are so hungry at this point that they just want to grab the cake with their hands and stuff their faces...they didn't but wouldn't that be funny

The Bouquet toss--shucks I missed it!

Julie and Marie--or Kristi depending on who was talking.

Cameron and Jared--I have no idea what is going on I think they stole my camera for this shot.

Kylee, the beautiful bride (and wife) Marie, and Julie

umm...yeah...didn't get the memo on this one...

Isn't she just so beautiful!

This is Mark trying to kiss me and someone had my camera (thanks for that Jared). He actually grabbed my hair... and this is proof

Mark and I...don't ask...and no he didn't kiss me.

Cameron and his lovely ladies!

The 'Rents in Bawsten

My parents came into town because my pa decided to run the Boston Marathon. My dad has been running a Marathon every 5 years since he was 25. Can you believe my dad ran his first marathon in 2:56! wow!

This year Dad decided he wanted to run the Boston Marathon and come out to see his two daughters. Since Boston is a qualifying marathon he decided to run for a charity instead of running two marathons.

Here they are at my work. Chelsea and I decided to take Mom and Dad on the Freedom Trail (we did the Duck tour last time instead). They enjoyed walking around the city.

Here's Dad looking over his Marathon stuff (see the bright orange bag). We mostly just loved being together, playing games, and just talking. It was so great having my parents around!

We decided to take some pre-Marathon pictures.

Dad at the finish line.

The Liver Foundation Dinner

Being at the Liver Foundation dinner was amazing. If I ever decide to do something crazy like run a Marathon I know I want to run for a great cause like this.

Daddy and his girls.

Dad (in the back in the hat and red shirt) and the rest of the Go Liver runners.


Chelsea, Dad, and Preston at our house. This was intended to be a good bye party for Marie (she moved into her new house in Dorchester). However, Marie was very ill--not to worry Preston came to represent and the we still had the party. (yes, we missed you dearly Marie.)

"oh, how cute."

M &D

I just had to take a picture of Ben Clement playing his guitar with a Charlie Card as his pick. Way to be so Bawsten Ben!

Mom and Dad made a special request for the Peggy and Marry show. They were kind enough to oblige.

Krista, Natalie, and Carly

Seth, Preston, and Ben

Krista, Natalie, and Jared (I think he's either laughing really hard or yelling at someone.)

"Can you feel the love tonight?"


Can you see him back there in the orange singlet?

There he is at the end of the Marathon! Go Liver! Go Dad!

and there he is heading to the finish line! He did great!

Mom, Dad and I eating at Border Cafe. Dad did great walking up and down the Subway stairs in order to get to Harvard Square. Dinner was great, but the best part was having the parents around!

I love you daddy and I'm really proud of you!

My Dad did great! He ran faster than his Marathon 5 years ago, managed to run against the wind, and overcome the hills (none where he was training in Cali).

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sing It!

I know most of you know I love my job but I wanted to give you one reason. Last night I was working late, trying to get some extra contacts, so I could leave early on Friday and spend the day with my parents who are coming to town last tonight. Anyway it made for a very long day and night of trying to get a hold of people.

Just before I was getting ready to leave for the night I called a Little Brother. As I started to ask him questions he started to sing the answers to me--seriously--he was singing in his little sing-song voice. I could barely get through the conversation. Towards the end of the conversation he started to hold out the end of his sentences for a long time and I just lost it and started to laugh out loud. When he heard me laughing he laughed too. This just made him sing his answers louder and more passionately.

I'm still smiling so big just thinking about how funny that conversation turned out to be. It was the perfect way to finish the night. It quickly refocused me on why I love my job--it's about the kids!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

The New Do

Should I be worried that Mike has longer hair than Chelsea?? What a cute and brilliant couple!

My sister Chelsea whacked her hair off. She gave it to Locks for Love. She's getting ready for her trip to Africa. Lots hot Chels!

Happy Easter!!

This the Easter pre-party we held at Seth's place. Lots of friends, and pizza, and plenty of junk food all for the joy of watching, "So I Married an Axe Murderer."

Peggy & Julie

The stash (thanks Jenny & Seth)


William and Cheryl decided to hide these eggs all around the house. They invited Natalie and I to "help" them find the egss. In the end we found all but 5...who knows where they are??

Natalie got the most eggs.

Gime, gime!

"William, honey could you help me please."

Natalie was great at finding those pestering hard to find eggs that wanted to stay hidden.

I spy...

I found the Golden Egg and got a prize!

Can you find all the eggs in this picture?

I see you don't even try to hide from me.

Please, this one is so easy...

What about in this many do you count? Well the Easter egg hunt was fun and we all got to find many crazy hidden eggs. So now come over and eat the candy in these eggs because there's more than we can enjoy! Happy Easter everyone.