Saturday, November 18, 2006

Things I've learned (am learning)

  1. Honesty may hurt-but it is still the best policy
  2. Being grateful allows you to be happy with what you have instead of always wanting more
  3. Dreams allow you to push yourself, make things happen, and help you to fly
  4. Sometimes it is so not about me
  5. A genuine compliment goes much further than a thousand accolades
  6. Pity serves no purpose
  7. Never argue with the spirit
  8. I cannot fix or take away the pain in others
  9. There is a decided difference between empowering others and helping them
  10. Imagination will save the world
  11. Everything testifies of Christ
  12. Fear and faith cannot coexist
  13. Love is not suppose to be hard; Life is not suppose to be easy
  14. I have the greatest family ever!
  15. People leave impressions on my heart and take a piece with them
  16. All things are possible with God
  17. Death ends a life-not a relationship
  18. Silence can speak a thousand words (or pictures)
  19. Language is limited;the heart is enless
  20. In the end love will conquer all

1 comment:

noelle feather said...

Amen to #2.