Monday, April 21, 2008

Things I Want to Remember

Boston is a city I fell in love with the moment I got I here. I can't believe that I have been here 2 1/2 years (almost). It just seems crazy. I think that my friends and I have packed more memories into these past few years than most people could dream of having in their entire lives!

After the rush of getting downtown to watch a bit of the Boston Marathon (woot woot!) today I decided to walk around Boston Common and the Public Garden . I reflected and enjoy the sun a bit. While walking around I was flooded with memories of my time in this beautiful city I adore.

Often I am asked why I love Boston so much and I get overwhelmed even trying to answer that question but there are just some of the things I want to remember forever...

  • the incredible people and friends I have made here
  • the joy of commuting to work downtown on the T and getting to see the Charles in the morning and the evening.
  • sailing on the Charles River.
  • seeing a game at Fenway Park! Go Sox!
  • the feeling I get when the winter is finally going away and spring pokes it head out and I know summer is just around the corner.
  • swimming in Walden Pond
  • the wonderful singles ward I have been a part of
  • my amazing house that I have loved living in
  • the person I have become while out here
  • the opportunities I had to grow, including my great jobs!
  • listening to amazing artists: Dashboard Confessionals, Brian Webb, Guster, KT Tungstall, and so many more.
  • Day trips all over New England: Camp Joseph (VT), Portland, Maine, Provincetown, Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Fire Water, New Haven, Plymouth, and more..
  • Trips to NYC! Love me the Fung Wah and the Lucky Star!
  • Trips to DC!
  • seeing my father run the Boston Marathon
  • memories I made with my sister and brother-in-law
  • what it feels like to belong somewhere--to fit in
  • the kids I have mentored
  • the musical firesides I directed
  • what it is like to live somewhere for 2 years and not have a car
  • the Old North Bridge
In the end there are so many things I cherish and want to remember and for that I really am grateful for this blog--where many of my memories have been captured!

Most importantly, when it all boils down to the nitty-gritty it's all about the people I meet in life that make all the difference. So to those of you reading this, that have made my Boston experience what it is, I thank you and love you.

You will not be forgotten.


Nat Attack said...

Sure are going to miss you lady!

markieandnatty said...

Boston is amazing and I have never even lived there. Cant wait to see you though!