Monday, July 20, 2009

Technology Has Atrophied Bravery

I don't usually post about my personal life but I think this time I just can't resist!A friend of mine met a dude whilst eat at Costa Vida, decided to give him my phone number, then came home all excited for me to go out with said dude. I was up for whatever.

The next day dude decides to text me (sorry dude if you have found my blog already) and tells me it's him and that my friend had told him to get a hold of me. Note: to all my guy friends out there. Don't tell a girl you were told to call her or text her or check her out on Facebook. Once someone suggests you call her (or whatever) make your own decision to contact her and you're on your own from that point on.

Then dude continues for a long time to have a "conversation" via text. Note: Do not have conversations via text. Text messages are meant to be short and concise. He pretty much asks me all the "first date" questions via text and at some point I realize we are sort of on a "text" date. I hate this realization and can't wait for the conversation to end.   (note: I don't hate dude cuz I don't really know him at all).

After not really responding very quickly I think dude gets the point and then sends me his full name with the request to add him as a friend on Facebook. Note: Don't ever ask someone to add you as a friend on FB. If you are interested in finding/stalking out more about them via FB then get their full name and request them as a friend.

Somewhere along the line technology started to rob people of their bravery. Instead of actual getting up the gumption to ask someone out face to face we now text, fb, or heaven forbid twitter. Instead of breaking up or having a hard conversation with someone we hope to be able to leave a VM. I'm not saying I'm anti technology but come on. Some things just need to be done properly. Note: this is my shout out to all those who remain brave--Good for you!

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Lindsey Layton said...

YES! You've got it right on!

I was actually thinking about this very thing yesterday...