Sunday, August 23, 2009

"Please Keep Your Arms & Legs Inside the Ride at All Times..."

Here we are at "On The Border" in San Diego
(Carolyn, Kris, Kylee, & Brandon)

"The Happiest Place on Earth!"

We are all so excited!!!

Kylee, Goofy, & Carolyn

Chip & Dale Boys??

It's actually a "Small World" after all!

"Twinkle Toes"

"The Wiz"


Carolyn & I are just so excited to get back to school!

Brandon & Kris needed to get out a little aggression.

Choose your stance?

Somebody please feed this kid!

My cousin Ali joined us at night and then graciously let us crash at her place. (Thanks Ali!)

...At some point at Disneyland I may or may not have literally jumped ship in the "Pirates of the Carribean" ride. Someone may or may not have bet me $5 dollars to do it. I may or may not have been scolded a bit at the end of the ride when I came in on a boat all by myself. It may or may not have been a good idea!

After an exhaustingly awesome day I was just a little tired of Carolyn.

Brandon, however, was just plain tired!

It's a Celebration!

Carolyn & Brandon are sleepwalking out of Disneyland they are so tired!

On our way home we saw some Dinosaurs, not an everyday occasion, so we had to stop and check them out!

Fast Friend!

Let's just say it was and entertaining road trip! (Let's do it again soon!)


Jamie said...

Did you go with Meg winn? she is my counsin on Dave's side and I think she was going on the trip. Looks like fun!

Ryan and Kim said...

Oh, Disneyland! I love that place. You know that you should have asked me for tickets...I do have a connection. Think of me next time!