Tuesday, January 05, 2010

New Year, New Decade, & Happy Birthday!

This beautiful cake was made by my former roommate Katie. I decided that this year when I turned 30 I didn't want to be like many people I know who are afraid of 30 and hate their birthday. I decided to celebrate in style! I wanted a big cake, my friends, lots of mistletoe, music, and more. I wanted to celebrate life, turning 30, and ushering in not only a new year but a new decade!
Camilla & I

Me, The Amazing Cake, & The Magnolia Cupcakes (decadent) my roommates made for me!

Brad, Carolyn, & Brandon

Amanda & Lindsey

Marcelo & I

I love the Laytons & They love me! (thanks for the amazing Popeye Cake Topper!)

Camille got creative with her cake (if you look closely you can see she made a frog!)

Here is the group of guys who crashed my party, ate lots of cake & cupcakes (much needed), and decided to sing Happy Birthday to me 30 times (I ended that around 8 times).

Here are some of the mistletoe we hung all over the house. It seems that AZ was lacking in the real deal all holiday season! I think a few people took advantage of them!


Ryan and Kim said...

I love your birthday cake! Your party looks awesome! I wish I could have been there. I had so much fun when you visited last that I might have to come visit you again soon. I hope you are have a great new year!

shabba shabba said...

Happy birthday! The good news about being you -- I'll always be blazing the trail for you five months out in front.

Eliza said...

Happy Birthday girl! That cake looks amazing! What a fun birthday party!