Monday, May 24, 2010

Black Bear Cabin at Vallecito Lake, Colorado

A friend of mine invited me to his cabin in CO for the weekend and I couldn't resist! The cabin is located outside Durango, CO near Lake Vallecito (little valley). There were about 12 people there and it was a modge-podge group of people. The weather was amazing and it was gorgeous!

Mirand & I went to watch the manly-men chop down a tree (no worries it was dead).

Here's Cady in action taking her tur to chop. I took a few whacks and called it quits.

Isn't it beatiful??

Okay see the blue water slide? We were having a blast just playing around at this aquatics center in Durango when the boys told me that in order to go faster on the slide I had to go down on my ankles and shoulder blades. I had no idea how much faster (and higher) that would make me go. At one point I flew off the slide and hit my head on the way down REALLY hard. I ended up with a slight concussion (yes puking ensued). Good times!

We had some swimming races...

Besides the big frog tongue slide there is a whirl pool, lazy river, and a hot tube in the background of this picture!

This was a cool candy store.
(L-R) Haya, Stacy, and Miranda

(L-R) Ben, Dave, Bear, Tom)

I LOVE trains!!

The living room area (kitchen) of the cabin.

I had a blast on the Quads. We took them up to this place where we could jump hills and go up ramps ect. I even drove one up the biggest hill and down!

Love the Ranger!

This is the front yard! I played a mean game of Bocci and won (thanks to my partner Ben)!!

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