Saturday, October 23, 2010


I've been dabbling with a new website called WAVE women advocating for voice & equality. My sister Chelsea Shields Strayer is on the Board of Directors and got me interested. She had a wonderful interview with KRCL: RadioActive! so check it out to see what WAVE is all about.

I wrote a post on WAVE's Hope section of their website. I felt great about what I wrote and even called both my parents to get their opinions. I figured they'd be a bit squirmy about their two feminist daughters but was surprised to hear that they were fine with what I had written. Then came some negative comments and I started thinking about what it actually means to be a Mormon Feminist. I think, as far as Mormon Feminists go, I'm very mild and moderate but nevertheless if wanting equality means I'm a feminist--so be it! I am so proud of my sister, a very strong feminist, that she is reaching women who desperately need a place to call home.

I am grateful for wonderful (conservatively faithful) parents who have taught me truth and let me find myself in this great big world!


Chantalita said...

I am a feminist too!! And I become more and more of a feminist the more I work on cases with women who are abused or come from societies where they have no rights. When I worked in SLC I found myself working with other single women to open the doors for career futures that hadn't been available previously. I am proud to work at chipping away at the glass ceiling. With that said, I get mad at cases where men get half custody and still pay sole child support. Also not fair.

Jed said...

Hey Kylee!

My wife came upon your sister's Ellen thing and found your blog. Just wanted to say hi and that I'm a feminist too!

Jed Cowley