Friday, August 19, 2011

Tender Mercies

While watching a movie recently a line stuck out to me. It said, " When God has something to teach me He usually provides a teacher." I LOVE that and it is so true in my life.

For a long time I have been struggling for the right job, the right place to live, the right guy to date, and so forth. I have been happy but struggling with what direction(s) to take with my life. I thought that once I got my Masters degree I would go out and get a big girl job and move forward. What I go instead was lots of bills to pay, rent, complications, looking for a job where I can use my degree, and so forth. I ended up working at a job where I make the same money I did before I went to grad school. Let's just say things in my life weren't looking so great. I had faith that things would work out but was feeling sorry for myself.

Then came the testing. I felt like the Lord just kept closing door after door in my life and I was desperate to find an open window. Then I discovered Anasazi and applied for a job. When I got the job I found my window and jumped through it. I had no idea the joy that would await me or the tender mercies the Lord had in store for me. I had lessons to learn and God was providing me a teacher.

Now I have been working for Anasazi for a few months, I am learning so much, I met a wonderful guy who treats me like a queen, and I can't believe how happy I am. Both the job and the guy may be leaving my life very soon. The job is only a summer contract job and the guy is leaving the state for education. While I will be devastated at the loss of either of them I can't help but smile at what the Lord has placed in my life. I am better because of both!

And so as I embark on possibly losing them both I hope I have enough faith and trust in the Creator to understand and appreciate the blessings in my life. Truly God has given me tender mercies!

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smiliesar said...

Yeah for a great summer...bummer on the job and guy though. I pray God is still mindful of you and leads you where you need to go.