Monday, October 24, 2011

Forever Strong Principles

I wrote this a year ago but for whatever reason didn't post it so I thought it pertinent in my life to post it today.

Tonight instead of partying up for Halloween I stayed home sick. I decided to watch the movie, "Forever Strong" and thought it was a great movie. Highland Rugby Coach Larry Gelwix had some inspirational quotes that are called Gelwixism:

“Good decisions don’t make life easy, but they do make it easier.”

“The true test of a man is what he will do when no one will know.”

“The essence of a lie is not the words you choose, but the message you convey.”

“If you lose your integrity, you’ve lost everything.”

“I want you to be forever strong on the field, so that you will be forever strong off the field.”

In the Bonus section of the movie (yes I'm a nerd and checked that section out) Coach Gelwix shares 6 of his principles. I love them and try to live them. 

Don't Play with Snakes

Don't Lie

Don't Do Anything to Embarrass Your Family

Attitude and Effort are Everything

Choose Wisely

Focus on the Final Score

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