Monday, January 30, 2006

Hello Boston!

So I just arrived in Boston on Friday night. I have been at an Americorps VISTA training for a few days in Wilmington, DE. It was great, informative, and got me all excited about being a National volunteer for a year.
Chelsea and Mike (my beautiful sister and her new husband) picked me up from the airport friday night and took me to their quaint apt. It's really small but they have made it so homey. Chelsea has done a great job of decorating it. We made some homemade pizzas and watched a movie.
I got myself a new Bank of America bank account, went to the post office to change my address, got a set of keys made and went to the grocery store all without getting in a car. It' s great how close everything is. Chelsea, Mike, and I all went in and bought a Costco card (I have a feeling this wil come in very handy). So things are still a little overwhelming, but I love it our here already.
I went to the local singles ward yesterday and found out that there are two people I know very well out here: Seth Wood (He was in my ward a few years ago and he dated my old roommate De Ette) and Amy Easton (she was my EFY field coordinator a few years ago). So that was comforting. Everyone was very friendly and so I think all is well.
Now if I can just master the transit system (lovingly refered to as the T) then I will be set!

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