Friday, February 24, 2006

Life in Bonuses!

I like to celebrate life in bonuses...something I thought a lot of people did...until recently when I was explaining this theory to my new roommat Marie (pictures to come soon). So I decided to share with all of you my theory of life i bonus.

The idea is really nothing new, but I guess the twist I shared with Marie was. She, like most girls, was having a problems with liking a great guy that doesn't seem to know she exist (just so you girls know the guy really does know you exist and if he did like you he would ask you out...check out the book, "He just not into you"). So I say to Marie, who cares if he doesn't like you and you don't even know that he doesn't like you so no worries. It's like this. You decided how you feel. So if you like him, then do. Easy.

Then she says, what's the catch? I tell her it's all about life in bonuses. See you conquer your girl fear of always acting dumb when he's around by realizing you like him come what may. If he shows interest back then that is bonus, if he asks you out, that is bonus etc. You get the idea.

This way you don't have to play that game of saying you don't like him but struggling in your mind that you do really like him. What about all those other "catty" girls who like your guy problem...remember the bonus theory. You like him and have control in that knowledge...don't give the other girls the satisfaction that they have control over you (besides chances are he doesn't like any of them either).

So yeah, I don't know if that is as life changing as it seems to be to for Marie, but good luck and let me know how it goes. Oh, Marie has decided (as did I many years ago) to apply this theory to many other aspects of life.

It originated because of my birthday. I was born on New Year's so most people from the time I was little would ask me if hated that my birthday was so close to Christmas (I didn't really know any different) so I started the bonuses game. See, I didn't have the gifts I got for Christmas or my birthday before so, whatever I got was a bonus. This makes everything seem special instead of feeling like something is missing or you don't have enough.

This idea has helped me through many rough times and so I pass on Life in bonuses and hope you enjoy the change in perspective.

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Tang Tang said...

Marie here...just let me reiterate my belief in this fantastic theory! Honestly, my outlook on life has really changed since I began implementing the "bonus" thing. Good advice, my dear. As I shouted to you through the thin walls we share, you oughta write a book about it! I'll buy two.