Saturday, February 18, 2006

planes, trains, automobiles...but not buses

I was suppose to be at my best friends wedding today, but I'm not and there's a very sad and crazy story as to why i'm sitting here in Boston and not in Toronto.

First off if you want my advice never take a bus for any lengthy amount of time. So asmost of you know by now I'm a national volunteer and therefore very poor (but what is new). So becuase of time constraints, a little confusion as to who all was going and how I was getting there-I ended up buying a ticket (well, a few for that matter) from Boston, MA to Toronto, ON.

I left from the Boston bus terminal at 3:00pm sharp to arrive in NYC and then take another bus to Syracuse, NY-Buffalo, NY-Toronto,ON. I didn't get to the NTC bus terminal until about 9:15pm (not so sharp). Yeah that was a horrible bus ride, because it took forever and I missed my bus connection.

The next bus to Syracuse wasn't leaving until 11:45pm and that would put me in Toronoto barely in time for the wedding, but with no one to take me there and no idea how to get to the temple etc. So after a ton of phone calls, a bazillion text messages, a some tears later I decided to just forgo the entire trip and just go back to Boston.

I waited to take the 12:30 bus (the last bus to Boston from NYC) so that I wouldn't have to wait for so long on the Boston end for the T to start running. I arrived in Boston about 5:00am and waited until 6:00 am to take the subway to Harvard Square and another bus (yes, not too happy about buses at this point) to my wonderful house in Watertown, Ma (that's where I live now).

So yeah, I tried but failed miserable to get to Kristin and Daniel Woods' wedding, but I know they will forgive me and that they love me. I want to wish them the best and congratulate them from afar! I love you guys!

This Boston life can be crazy at times, but I love it here!

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