Friday, September 29, 2006

Bill, Bob, Chuck, and Dick

I don't have a clue how we get these names from William, Robert,Charles, and Richard. It is strange to me, but it is so.

I don't know when it happened but I really love people's entire full first name. There was a time I just called everyone whatever they told me they wanted to go by, but I find myself wanting to call my friends by their full name (ie Timothy) or even their first and middle name (ie Michael Adam).

Case in point: I have 5 sisters who all have beautiful names and for the past few years I really have been trying to convince 3 of them to go by their full first names...maybe later in life?

Danielle (goes by Dani)
Kaitlin (goes Kati)
Alexa (Ali)

Chelsea and Camryn go by their full nameds and I (contrary to my above statement) go by my nickname Kylee (full name Kylene)

Speaking of strange things with names. My mom didn't give any of her daughters middle names...she says it's so we can have our maiden name as our middle name..I think it's because she despises her middle name (Ellen). On the other hand both of my brothers got beautiful and strong full names (middle names included): Grant Marcus Shields and Clay Richard Shields.

Then came along the youngest in my family: Camryn. When she was born we wanted to keep up the trend of all the girl's nicknames ending in an e sound ( kylee, chelsea, dani, kati, ali) so we thought we'd name her Camryn and call her Camry (yes like the car) and it never stuck. However, the strangest thing mom started calling my sister Camryn Elisabeth (remember she doesn't really have a middle name). Then after a few years of calling her this my mom started to shorten her name and started to call her just Lizzie or Lisabeth etc. The weirdest thing! My mom was calling my sister by a name that wasn't even hers...weird, but it worked.

And so it's all in a name and I love finding out why people are named what they are and what they want people to call them. I love that my roomate has a few different names and different people in her life know her by different names....I find that very intriguing! (I love my K. Marie Thompson).

So what about your name?


Izzybaz said...

I had to chime in on this one...

My friends call me Christine (which is my given name)

My Mom calls me Chris

My Dad calls me Christy

My sister calls me Mareedy (off my middle name Marie)

My students call me Mrs. Cowen

And my husband calls me Button

...and people wonder why I get confused!

Yancy said...

do you love your yancy makiah zimmerman?

Jason Graham said...

My full name is Jason... but people call me a whole lotta other things!

Kyles said...

Yes Yancy you know I love you and your middle name...a lot. I'm not a collector of kids names but I think I will keep Makiah in mind.

As for you Jason...what are some of these names??

Reluctant Conquistador said...

my uncle's name is dick... he's a great guy!


Kyles said...

Hey fancy that so is my uncle. Also my brother Clay Richard was named after my great uncle Dick whose full name was Richard Clay (my mom just switched them around).

Kris said...

I"m pretty sure BOB came from someone writing a really messy R, someone thought it was BOBERT.

Some duslexic person saw a W as a B (rotated a bit) there you go.

Chuck-E-Cheese went through a mid life crisis in the 80s and they had to give him a more dignified name, thus the Charles. This one is a phenomenon though, it was the reverse effect. All the Chuck's went to Charles. And Dick, no idea.