Saturday, September 30, 2006

"For One More Day"

"For One More Day" is a book by Mitch Albom (author of "Tuesdays with Morrie" and "The Five People You Meet in Heaven"). "Tuesdays.." is one of my favorite books and I really like Mitch Albom's writing style so I decided to buy his latest book to read on my flight home from New Orleans. (btw it is a really quick read at only 197 pages). The book is great...but it was what his book made me think about that really got to me.

The idea (without giving away too much of his book) is nothing new. What if you had one more day, one more chance to say goodbye, or say sorry, or just be with someone you loved before they died. The idea of having the opportunity to let go-not being forced.

I won't bore you with all my thoughts and feelings on this subject. I started and want to finish a book entirely based on this subject and the idea of healing. What I will say is that I hope some how- not knowing exactly how things work on the "other side"-that the person I want more than anything to have one more day with knows how much I love and miss him!

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Kris said...

I had to choke back the tears just readint the back of the book in Target the other day, I'm totally serious.

I should pick it up and actually read it, but Tuesday's with Morrie had me in tears on my way to Erupoe a few years ago. I knew he was going to die.....but ugh...but why?


Maybe after I read it I'll have something more intelligent to say.

love you!