Sunday, October 15, 2006

Detox Week #1

  • I feel great!
  • I lost 6 lbs. this past week
  • strengthens my self-control
  • 1 person joined, 1 wants to in the future

  • lots of small headaches
  • achiness
  • I miss foods with substance...bread, carbs, etc.

This past week has been great. I've had lots of small headaches, achiness, and tests of my self control, but lots of great things have come out of this detox diet. While on this diet my co-worker joined me and a roommate wants to do it also. Chelsea and Mike are doing well also. In talking to them we've discovered that going on this diet helps you to realize the foods you crave. Chelse craves sugar and I crave carbs. So yeah, onto week 2...


Anonymous said...

i'm glad you're doing well!!

Kris said...

i don't get it...what are you de-toxing from??

noelle feather said...

I'm wondering--how are you detoxing? With teas, all liquids, etc.? I'd really love to know, please share if you can!