Tuesday, October 03, 2006

"I had a bad day..."

Facts that need to be known before I begin this blentry:
1. I love my job
2. I don't mind public transportation
3. my 11:10am was the best part of my day
4. my 10:30 pm was the next best part of my day
5. General Conference this past weekend was fantastic!


4:00-8:00 am
Puking due to migrain (3rd migrain in 3 weeks).

Call my boss to tell him I'll be late to work. Remember that our phones are whacked and we don't have voice mail.

Try to get some sleep, take drugs to get rid of migrain.

Talk to my amazing sister Chelsea just for minute while waiting for bus.

11:30 am
Sit on the T next to what seems to be a nice old friendly man who is asking all sorts of question and then asks me if I'm Mormon (I told him I moved out here from UT). He tells me he's a member of the Community of Christ (formerly the RLDS). He goes on to belittle me and make fun of UT and the "Mormons" in his humorous way the rest of the T ride. He asks if I served a mission and upon my answer tells me that my mission was just a big waste of time. Then in the next breath he invites me to go to the JFK library and museum with him and he even offers to pay my way. I politely decline as I'm on my way to work.

12:30 pm
I grab lunch and get to work. As usual I have a gazillion email to reply to, 3 people to hire for AmeriCorps positions before TH, 20 volunteers to attend to, and numerous other events (see below).

I am asked to dig through our recycling pile of mountainous papers to find a fax I know I sent weeks ago.

Find the fax and in the process dig head on into the process of organizing our recycling. This is an enormous job that isn't mine, but just hasn't gotten done and I'm sick of the overflowing mess! So I call recycling place and set up a time for them to pick up for us (my boss had asked for me to do this before but I didn't have the time) still don't but it got done.

Get a call from this women I've been working on a marketing project at work. I am not a marketing person but I've been my best and I've been keeping her in the loop, but the pictures we're using for our billboard project are in the process of getting to her via another marketing agency we are working with. She precedes to chew me out...and I mean she was ruthless--swearing and all (guess she wasn't having a good day either). She ends our lovely conversation by hanging up on me. No joke I think I said one word (hello). I don't even like this project.

So I guess she didn't get to say her fill because she goes on to write me an email about how we are deliquent etc. I can't belive it!

Boss doesn't want the recycling company I picked. Boss basically asks me to brown nose the lady mentioned above and lye to her and tell her I was wrong and so forth. Boss adds 3 more "High Priority" tasks to my to do list. Exactly how many tasks can you have on your "high priorty" list before they aren't high priority any more?

Time I should be going home but instead I am putting together a list of tasks and projects I'm currently working on or doing on a regular basis. I'm doing this because my boss asked me to do so. The list when I finish is 4 pages and make me sick to my stomach and I guess I look it because my co-worker looks at me and asks me what is wrong?

Leave work for the day.

Come downstairs in my house to find the most wonderful friends a girl could ask for!


Tang Tang said...

Sorry about the bad day, dear. :( I'm glad I was part on the 10:30 and not the 4:00. Listen to some Daniel Powter, take the edge off and have some M & M's. Love ya.

Anonymous said...

Kylee, Uncle. You win. Major poopy-pants day award given to you. I consider it a mark of true sainthood that you did not commit a major felony. You didn't, did you?