Saturday, February 24, 2007

New Job

So this is where I work now! Big Brothers Big Sister of Massachusettes Bay. I am a "case worker" for matches of Bigs and Littles (what we call the mentors and mentees). Internally I'm called a Match Advocate. I work in the Programing Department-specifically in the Match Support Center. Eventually I will take calls and call all parties involoved in our matches. I'll talk with the Gaurdians, Littles, and Bigs, and anyone else involved. So I will spend most of my days on the phone or email helping to support matches. So far I really like the job. I've been doing HR paperwork, observing others, and meeting all the different department heads. BBBSMB went from 9 Match Advocates recently to 18. So the person in my position that has worked there the longest has only been working for 1 1/2 years and just got promoted to a Supervisor. So it's a fairly new department in the Boston office. So I'm excited to be a part of this great team!

For those of you who don't know what my massive building looks's about 1/3 of how tall it looks. I work on the 5th floor so not too far up...but really this building is quite intimidating.

75 Federal is where I work.

There are so many floors that there are actually directions on the wall to the certain elevators that lead me to my office. I'm on the 5th (actually 6th, but you have to enter from teh 5th floor) of 75 Federal. There's a security desk where I had to take a picture so they know who I am. I also have a swipe card for the elevator when it's the weekends or after hours and to get into my office and cubicle.l

When I got to work they had my cubicle all ready, my name on a plaquerd (you can't see in this picture) on the outside of my cubicle. You can't quite see on the balloon or the sign above my computer but both say welcome aboard Kylee. It was great to feel so welcomed. My computer and phone were both set up and ready for me to start day one. Also I found out there are 2 other Kylee's that work in my office ( all of us spell our names the same....crazy!) so we might have to get creative. I'll tell you what though going from a staff of 6 to a staff of 80 will take some adjustment time. So far I really like all my coworkers and they are more than willing to help me out with anything. A lot of them on my floor and department are relatively new themselves-so been there done that!

So far I really like this job and the ambiance the work enviroment lends to success! Here's to a new job, new adventures,new discoveries, benefits, actually getting paid to work, and new friends!

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g-cubed said...

i was a big sister in utah and LOVED it... maybe i can find time in my busy schedule to do it here. totally worth it.

way to go kylee.