Monday, February 12, 2007


Appreciation Preparation

For the past few months I've been preparing for a huge volunteer appreciation event. Adoption & Foster Care Mentoring (where i've been working this past year) has never had an huge event like this before and we want to make it an annual event. ( No pressure, righ?) The entire process was very stressful but well worth it.

We ended up finding a Funder,Mellon Financial Corporation, to host us on their 15th floor Executive Dining Room. They feed us a great dinner and dessert as well as letting us have our event (all for free) at their conviently located office downtown.

I wanted to make T-shirts to give all the volunteers as a gift at the event so with the help of Artists For Humanity (another nonprofit) I designed a t-shirt. Then I found out that another Funder of ours, Bank of America, decided to give us money for the t-shirts.

Another Funder, Shore Pharmacy donated the gift bags you below, which rounded out just about everything we needed. With the help of wonderful volunteers and an amazing staff we were able to get everyrthing finished in time for the big event!

Every volunteer, social worker, & mentor recieved a certificate.

It was all fancy dancy so everyone needed a name tag to enter the elevator and to be on the 15th floor.

Here's the gift bags, name tags, & certificates waiting to be taking over to Mellon. Thanks everyone for helping out to prepare for the appreciation event!

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