Monday, October 15, 2007

Maybe I'll see you sooner....

Last night I was talking to my family and filling them in on how great the LDS New England Education Conference for singles out here in Boston went (more on that to come...) After talking to Mom and Dad I talked to my little sister Camryn (9). I just couldn't help but share our conversation. So here it goes:

Kylee: Hey Cam! How are you doing? Are you enjoying your school break or are you ready to go back to school?
Camryn: I want to go back to school.
Kylee: Are you being a good girl from mommy and daddy?
Camryn: yep!
Kylee: How is soccer going?
Camryn: it's good ( most of our conversations go something like this)
Kylee: Well, I love you and miss you and can't wait to see you around Christmas time.
Camryn: Well (slight pause for effect), maybe I'll see you sooner...?
Kylee: Well I don't think so...
Camryn: interrupting---maybe you'll get married!
Kylee: (Trying really hard not to fall off my bed in laughter)--well, thanks for your confidence but I don't think I'll be getting married before Christmas time.
Camryn: Well, I fasted for you to get married.
Kylee: (what do you say to that)--well, thank you for doing that. I'm sure it will help me.

Out of the mouth of babes! Man I love that girl!


Bronwyn James said...

Hi Kylee! I saw you at the conference Elder Holland gave last Sunday, and may I say your choir was fantastic! You seemed quite involved in the proceedings of the singles events out here. I imagine you just love it.

Quick question, I have an LDS friend, a girl, who is looking for housing. Do you know someone I could put her in contact with to find good LDS roommates? My email address is . Thanks!

jenica said...

how sweet is that!?! i can't believe how grown up she is.

jenica said...
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