Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Bad Day!

I have a lot of random thoughts swarming around in my head lately. I just overheard a coworker of mine say, "I'm just having a bad day." Not uncommon to hear but for some reason that was all it took for the bees in my head to come flying out in this post.

Dear Co-worker-

I hear you are having a bad day? I'm sorry to hear that. I'm sure in your world of undulation today is bad but tomorrow will be better. A bad day you say?? Let me tell you about a bad day.

The fires are now under control in San Diego, the winds have ceased, but the wreckage of her firey jaws are unimaginable. People are forced to face the fact that they are now homeless. Not only that but many people have lost their past--pictures erased, years forgotten as journals were devoured, precious tangibles lost forever, and so much more. Where do you even start? That is a bad day!

This morning my seminary class and I read about how Joseph's brothers were so mad at him, and his dreams, that they wanted to kill him. Thanks to his oldest brother, Reuben, they didn't. But don't worry they threw him in a pit and eventually he would be sold as a slave and taken to Egypt. Now that is a bad day!

I'm currently reading a book about WWII that I find fascinating (see post about my interest in WWII) where a little girl is reading a book in her basement when her entire city is laid to waste by an accidental bombing. Everyone she knows is murdered in their sleep. That is a bad day.

So you see-- today I don't think you are having that bad of a day. Just thought I'd let you know.

Your loving co-worker, Kylee

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