Monday, May 19, 2008

Mike & Chelsea Sackett's Wedding (& stuff)

The morning of the wedding we had an amazing crepe brunch. People were given the opportunity to talk aobut Mike & Chlesea.

Alan, Amy, and Avery Sackett

Best friends!

Kylee, Andrew, & Spencer

The happy married couple & I!

Chelsea in her most gorgeous wedding dress.

Look at the beautiful Tulips!

Just so happen that my cousin Ali Brinkerhoff was at the temple for her best friends wedding also. Small world. I love this girl!

Don't they make a beautiful couple!


I absolutely love this picture!

Kylee & Andrew

Kylee, Mike, & Andrew

Time for Cake!

Kristopher, Josie, Halley, & Melissa Higley

Tracy & Kylee

Alan (Avery), Kristopher, & Kylee. These guys are my old Best Friends and it was really special to be together again!

Deb & Kylee
It's official! Now all my BFF's have gone and got theirselves married! So happy to you all!


LeAnne said...

Long time... I found your blog via Laura's blog. Looks like life is fantabulouis for you! Great to take a peak at what you've been up too. Take care!

Ali B. said...

We look so much a like.

Jenny said...

Hey Kylee! It is so fun to see your blog. I'm glad I can look through pictures of what you've been up to since we were at BYU in the KMB together. Do you ever get down? You are always so up beat and it was fun to feel your sunshine again tonight. do you know Andrew? Was he at the KMB as well? Andrew and I go way back. We were friends at BYU-Hawaii. What a small world. Feel free to visit my blog at anytime. Bye!