Friday, May 30, 2008

Since Leaving Boston...

So what's been going on in my life since I moved from Boston...The really big new news is that I have decided to go to grad school as ASU! This decision took a long time in the making but I feel really great about it! Thanks to everyone for their support and input on this important decision!

I have been having a blast with my cousins and family that all live around here!

Grandma & the hut

Me in the middle of nowheresville

Grandma & I on our way home from Arizona.

This place was so cool but so weird!

How did those big boulders just end up here?
I didn't take very many pictures but in order to make my grad school decision I felt like I needed to visit my downtown Pheonix ASU grad school. So I took my grandma and we left for Arizona. It's a good thing I brought my grandma along as her youngest brother (great uncle Brent) was very sick. She ended up getting to spend some quality time with him and he died on Saturday as we were coming back to Provo.

The other exciting news is my new car! Isn't she perty? She is 2004 Toyota Corolla and I love her already!

Life is good!

If you look closely you will see in the left corner a Boston decal, in the right corner a Red Sox decal and on the top in the middle my BYU decal. I just need to represent!
My other great news is I'm a full time nanny for a wonderful family in Lehi! I love the three kids (ages 6,4, 2). So now my car is fully equiped with three car seats in the back! ha ha ha
So life is good, a little hectic these days, but good! I hope you all are doing well!


Silly Little White Girls said...

Kylee--my friend Cheya lives in AZ now and thinks it's great. You'll have lots of fun there! How long are you staying in Utah? It would be fun to see you!

Reluctant Conquistador said...

Dude, I'm applying to ASU... you'll have to let me know more about it... and congrats!

Mary Ann (Crockett) Ahlstrom said...

Kylee...MY GOODNESS! Some huge changes have come for you since I saw you on Mother's Day! Congrats on ASU. I am sure we will all enjoy having you a bit closer. And I am sure Sally is extatic to have you in AZ. Good luck with everything!

hknight said...

Kylee, this is Heather Garner Knight. Do you remember me? If not that's not very nice! I found your blog through Melinda Cowan's. You look great! It sounds like things are going fabulous in your life!

Anonymous said...

If you ever visit or drive through Vegas I'd love to see you. And if we ever get through AZ I'll do the same!

shauna said...

Kylee! I'm so glad to see your blog...and I'm so glad that you're going to ASU, and I'm so glad you're in Utah! I'm in Provo! We should get together sometime! :)

P.S. Where are you going to live in AZ? I lived in Mesa for a year...