Saturday, May 16, 2009

Grand Theft Auto--Almost!

This post is in response to my friend's blog.

When I lived in Oregon we had a German Shepherd dog that I absolutely loved named Angel Eyes. We mostly called her Angel. At this same time in my life I would drive around in this pee colored (really light tan) toyota corolla that I also loved! And so with that my story begins...

One day I went to the pet store to get a big bag of dog food for Angel. It was nothing unusual. The size of the bag was huge and walking it out of the store was bit tough but I had my keys out and ready to open the trunk of my car and deposit the dog food. Once deposited I opened the front door and got inside the car. I put the key in the slot and turned it a few times but the car wouldn't start.  I was a little frustrated and I took my key out, put my foot on the brake, moved the steering wheel a bit, and tried to start the car again.  It was at this point that I looked around the car and realized I wasn't in my car!!!

I can't even describe the panic that ensued.  I was freaking out. Did anyone see me try to steal this car?  How did I not notice it wasn't my car? And many other questions flooded my mind. So I got out of the unknown car, unlocked the trunk (again), got the dog food out, and proceeded to deposit the dog food into my car a few spaces over.

Mind you the cars looked identical. My car key actually unlocked not only the trunk of the other car but the front door also--so can you blame me??  I think the fact that my key unlocked someone else's Toyota Corolla made me feel a little uneasy inside for a few days.

I managed to get into my car, look to see that no one (that I could see) had witnessed my almost grand theft auto experience, and drove home.


shabba shabba said...

I always knew you were a closet rebel, living on the edge, stealing cars here and there, probably selling them for money to pay for your music addiction.

The Grundvig Family said...

You are not alone! I did the very same thing a few years back! It sure makes you double check your car for a while afterwards!!