Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Amazingly Talented Friends!!!

Sometimes I am amazed at my wicked awesome talented friends and the things they are doing in their lives. I feel selfish, at times, that I know about them while others are in the dark. So this post is to help me help you get to know these incredible people and their amazing talents!!!

Okay so she's my sister so I'm biased but she is very talented and wicked funny! Dani recently graduated in Graphic Design from BYUI and she's really good at what she does. If you need a wedding announcement, graduation, business cards, etc--she's affordable, reliable, and timely!

I have heard many musicians/singers in my life and I would say Catherine is at the top of the this. This lady can sing and play and write music like nobody I know. You want to know her and her music--your life isn't complete without her in it!

Her new album, "Anchor" is coming out very soon (I can't wait) but you can find it streaming on her blog. Mindy and I have been friends for years and I love how much of herself she pours into her songs. She is genuine and so loveable! If you've heard her sing you love her voice. If you've heard her story you love her heart!

I have known these sisters (and their very talented older sister)since they were wee little things! Katie & Liz have both traveled all over sharing their love of the fiddle & Cello! Katie is is teaching violin/fiddle lessons and performs all over UT While Liz is going to grad school and performing in Limerick, IR. If you get a chance to hear either of them play you will feel edified and inspired! They are also (when they squeeze it in) part of a family band (they are amazing) called Fiddlesticks!

Shaun Barrowes: (Touring)
I've posted about my friend Shaun before but he is doing really cool things these days. He is singing in high schools for the Arts, he's touring, he's auditioning dancers, and so much more. His music is teaming up with Choreographer Mandy Moore (SYTYCD) & Jason Celaya (also my friend) and some incredible dancers for a his Live For Music Dance Competition for his tour and a Hip-Hop Music Video. So if you didn't check him out when I plugged before you really should this time around!!

She takes care of broken books at Harvard during the day but at night she is one amazing seamstress. I can't believe the costumes this girl makes. I won't be surprised at all if she is the costumer of some major British Novel turned Film in the near future! Check out her Costume Blog!

He has an incredible studio called, "Dirty Water Sound & Music" located in Charlestown, MA. He is talented, smart, sassy, and did I mention he's talented. If you're out in Boston and need a place to record your music--he's affordable and the best!

The thing I love about Brad's photography is he takes pictures of the things that are real, in their original setting, and in their glory. While he does touch up some photos he tries to get whatever he shoots in the best natural setting! He work speaks for itself (but he will tell you their stories if you ask)!

I have know Seth for years before he was a wicked awesome photography. We would drive through Boston late at night in his Spider with the wind in our hair--it doesn't get much better than that. Seth is super talented as a photographer and if you love the picture on "Dirty Water Sound & Music's" Website there's a reason (he took it)!!

These two love birds were photographers on their own and joined forces to be quite the dynamic duo! I am very biased and absolutely love them both--but they are also very talented and have a lot of experience. If you want incredible photos from amazing photographers get a hold of them--you WILL be amazed!!

I LOVE what Brandon does with his camera! Once you start looking at Brandon's site, "Flint Photography" you can't stop looking at the amazing artistry he welds with his camera. Brandon is one talented guy, who has an amazing supportive wife, and gets it when it comes to pictures you want to actually hang on your wall or display for all to see! He is worth every penny!!

She can rock it with her music skills as well as her photography skills. She is in love with life and her fiance! Her music and her photos have a depth and maturity that many other photographers lack. Check out her "Shade Tree Photography" website. Also you can check out her portfolio site!

This girl can do it all! I was roommates with her in Boston and we had such adventures. We built a turtle terranium, made many videos, and laughed all the time. Remember her name b/c she in the works with a few of her novels that are bound to be prime time. Besides writing she is an amazing artist! To know her is to be happy!

Chad does amazing things on his guitar! Chad & I go way back and I just think his wife and kids are amazing! Besides being an amazing musician Chad is also the owner of "Align Chiropractic & Rehabilitation" where he is a Chiropractor! So whether you need some good music or need a good alignment--he's your man!

I love Channing! She makes incredible Bunt Cakes and other types of cakes. Just when I couldn't rave about her cakes any more than I already do she started a photography business also! So whether you need pictures for your wedding or a wedding cake--Channing is the right choice!!

She is a friend and a mother who's daughter died tragically. She has taken her grief and created an amazing place where people can come together and share their stories. As creator of "A Good Grief" she has touched countless lives and has been in many articles, TV shows, and her story is so honestly and sincere that you can't help falling in love with Molly and her Lucy!

* For my friends that I may have forgotten I am sorry and would LOVE to shout acclamations to your talents on my blog so leave a comment*

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Catherine said...

Thanks for the blog love. Though, I am sorry that your "life isn't complete with me in it"....ha ha ha. I wish I could remedy that for you. jk I know what you meant :).