Wednesday, July 07, 2010

An Open Letter to...An Ex-Boyfriend

Dear Joshua-

I think you gave me one of the sweetest, it not the best, gift I've ever received from a boyfriend (that I'm dating). When you and your niece and nephew made me that African Adventures game I was so amazed and surprised! I don't know if I adequately thanked you for that??

You made it with so much creativity and love. The paper binoculars, the plastic animals, the construction paper land and water--all those things were awesome. I think my favorite part was the tribal tattoos you included. I LOVED it all.

I think I was stressed with finals (not my best time of year) and trying to get everything together for my BIG trip to Africa to truly appreciate how awesome, creative, and loving that gift was to me.

So I'm writing you now (and to everyone who reads this) to say THANK YOU!! I want to thank you for that gift, all our great conversations, the car rides, the adventures, and so much more that we had together. I'm grateful that you were in my life and I'm grateful that you are happy!

Take Care, Kylee Shields

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Whitney said...

Kylee this is so fun! I've loved your letters! Hope all is well!