Friday, April 08, 2011

Faith and Patience

I am trying to have faith—to believe that God has a plan. At times I think I'm failing and then the Lord gives me a tender mercy/validation that I'm on the right path.

In an earlier post I talked about being reject by a wonderful non-profit for a clinician position and at the same time being offered a different position. What I didn't mention is that the job required me to work on Sundays. This isn't an issue for everyone but for me I struggled a bit. The job offered wasn't the best hours but the pay was significantly greatly than I make now and I would have one clinical day a week to work with clients and get clinical experience. I would also be supervising 8-9 people and gain much needed supervision experience.

I talked to many people about whether or not to take this job and everyone had sage advice. The job was offered Wednesday. On Friday I decided I would let the HR know that I'm interested in the job but wouldn't be able to work on Sundays due to previous religious comittments. They responded positively and said they were working out bugs in the schedule and would let me know by the end of next week what they decided.

So I had a questions and prayers in my heart as I headed into General Conference, a broadcast every 6 months where the Prophet speaks to the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It didn't take long for the Lord to reassure my heart and my decision about working on Sunday. The very first Conference talk, The Sabbath and the Sacrament, was about keeping the Sabbath (Sunday) day holy and the importance of Sundays. I know that talk was for everyone in the church but I also know that talk was for ME!

Today I got a call from the wonderful non-profit and they let me know that they gave the job to someone who was willing to work Sundays. They were kind to me and told me to keep in touch and that they would for sure let me know if they have a clinician spot that opens up. I thanked them for their time and hung up. Once off the phone I had mixed emotions. I feel like I made the right choice, and that the Lord validated my choice, but sometimes it is difficult to have faith and be patient.

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Alexis Kaye said...

Gosh! That would be so hard! I'm so proud of your choice though and the example you are to me! :)