Saturday, November 03, 2012

I'm Thankful For...

Brigham Young University 1998-2004 

Arizona State University  2008-2010

I'm extremely grateful for my EDUCATION!!

Some say I went from the Lord's University to the Devil's and I loved every minute of both! I recognize that I am very blessed to be in a country where I can get educated and from a family that not only supports education but also lives it.

 My father has a PhD in Sociology (dad), BA in Early Education (mom), Masters of Social Work (me), PhD in Social Cultural Anthropology (African Studies emphasis) (chelsea), PhD candidate in Hispanic Studies (emphasis in film and literature) (mike, chelsea's husband), BA in Graphic Design (dani), BA in Biology (kevin, dani's husband), BA candidate in Psychology (kati), and working on BA (ali).

I can't say I loved how hard I had to work in school but I can, without any hesitation say I LOVE learning!

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