Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hope For A Better Day

Ever since I grew up in Oregon I have recycled. It makes sense to me so I do it.  I also don't litter and I often hug trees. However, I don't consider myself "green" or any kind of environmentalist.

I am a woman and I think I should get paid equally for doing the same job as a man. I LOVE being able to vote and all the things I can now do as a woman that women could not do in the past. However, I don't necessarily consider myself a feminist.

I am a social worker and have a passion for advocating for those who struggle to find their voice. I also believe in hard work and self mastery.  I am a Republican who believes in capitalism but also in community and social responsibility

I have many gay friends that I adore, support, and love—I am also a Mormon.

I find it interesting in our society that you have pick a side or fit into some kind of box. All or nothing. As if you can't have a belief that differs from someone else and stand next to them with kindness, love, and wish for them nothing but hope for a better day.

I am a better person for everyone who crosses my path that believes, lives, and is passionate about things that differ from my experiences. They teach me and in many cases change me!


Laura Johnston said...

Great thoughts, Kylee. I love what you said about having different beliefs yet being able to stand next to each other with kindness and love.

Kris Cherrington said...

I really enjoyed this post, well thought out and delivered. Great job.

Kris Cherrington said...

Great Post. Well thought out and delivered. I enjoyed reading it.

Tracy Anderson said...

I totally agree! Well said!