Sunday, October 06, 2013

Fight The New Drug Challenge

A few weeks ago I came across this WICKED AWESOME organization called Fight The New Drug and I became an instant groupie/fan/supporter! I LOVE everything they are doing in the fight against pornography. So I donated, bought a shirt, bracelets, stickers, and instagramed my swag. Still, I feel like there is more I can do. 
This is where YOU come in...

Click on the picture above for more information
FTND has 5 ways you get involved on their website but I wanted to add a few more ways you can help in this WICKED AWESOME fight!!

BUY FTND swag and then post it on social media such as Twitter, FB, & Instagram

DONATE to FTND so they can give FORTIFY to those in need for FREE!

Enter my Rafflecopter to win FREE FTND STICKERS and support the cause
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