Saturday, October 12, 2013

Red Fred Project

Every once in a while you come across something remarkable—something that JUST MAKES SENSE. Today, for me, that is the Red Fred Project. First let me introduce you to how Red Fred came to be...

Once Red Fred and his friends The Jolly Troop came to be they couldn't help but make the world a better place! And so with that in mind Dallas Graham, creator and visionary, set about on a magical journey of creativity and love.

Dallas Graham started the Red Fred Project and explains a little more about how it just keeps on giving. "Each child is the creative boss; I'm just there to bring the story to life through photography, design, and a likable group of birds called The Jolly Troop. That book then becomes so many magical things: A lasting voice for these children's beautiful stories. A Tangible achievement for each child. A Way to help parents pay steep medical bills; all proceeds go straight to them. And the magic multiples, lives on forever—readers are inspired by the wisdom and imagination of these children."

You can imagine my joy when two of my loves—children and books collided into one wicked awesome life changing project. From the moment I learned about Red Fred Project I was hooked!

Please donate to the Red Fred Kickstarter Campaign and help Dallas and the Jolly Troop create lasting miracles!

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