Thursday, April 13, 2006

Everyone secretly......wants a monkey

So enough already with my very serious blogs.

I am thinking of getting a ferret off craigslist. I was talking about this with my roommate K. Marie and we were discussing pets of all sorts. I said to her, "Have you ever wanted to have a pet monkey? Everyone secretly wants a monkey or at least they did at one point"---and she burst out laughing ( does anyone else notice a trend of this happening to me). She looked at me very strangely. It's true though, I mean at some point I think I ask almost all my friends (randomly I don't know why) that very question and I don't think I've met a person yet, that doesn't secretly or openely want a monkey as a pet.

As I got to thinking of this I just started coming up with pets for various friends of mine. for instance I really think that deep down inside my K. Marie wants a unicorn (you can see this manifest in her artwork). I think "our Finnish friend" wants a lizard. I do belive that though she would never admit- and might not even know this- my friend Amy wants a Leopard Gecko with teal over his eyes. As for my friend Luke...I think the he wants a parakeet for practicality sake, but secretly he really wants a penguin. Ma I have no idea what pet you secretly harbor feelings for but I know that you need, actually NEED to have a tarantual for a least a little while some time in your life (I highly recommend this to everyone, they are fascinating creatures).

Anyway, what pet do you secretly want to have (remember that once your respond to this it won't be a secret anymore...ha ha!

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