Saturday, April 15, 2006

This is the stuff memories are made of...

"If that is all it will take, well then, no big deal. This is the stuff memories are made of." Had I known how prophetic that phrase would be an hour later I might of laughed at myself. This was in response to K. Marie.

Let me start at the beginning. So Seth Wood decided to take K. Marie and I to a special spot of his in East Boston. So we drove (very fast) in his hot convertable with the top down to his special place. It was wonderful and once we got there the water was beautiful and so was the view of Boston. Seth noticed that the tide had risen and so some of the rocks to walk out at this certain spot were covered with water (this should have been our first clue). Marie was wearing flip flops and had started to roll up her pants to walk anyway. She asked Seth and I if we wanted to go to the rock hill anyway- and all we had to do was take off our shoes and socks. Then I said those fated words above...

Once we got to the rock hill we just sat there for a long time and talk and looked out at the harbor and Boston. After a little while I got cold and it was time to go. We all three turned around and quickly noticed that there were no more rocks to be seen. I think we all panicked a little bit. The rocks were still pretty shallow but completely covered with water. Remember that at this point it was cold, dark, and about 12:00 am. So we all started stumbling on the slippery rocks (some more than others). I actually fell a bunch of times and got pretty wet. I do have the excuse that I hurt my ankle rock climbing the other day and wasn't as steady as usual.

After a few minutes of trying to make it back to shore Seth and I realized our shoes were gone. It didn't take too long to see where they had floated off to. They were floating away in the water in front and to the Left of us. At this point I was just about completly soaking wet... so it just made sense to swim out and rescue our shoes. I think I shocked both Seth And K. Marie.

So there I was swimming in the Boston Harbor (Ocean) at 12:30 am and rescuing our shoes. Mind you that it was freezing, but funny as heck. I did get our shoes and I survived the water and all!

My feet were really hurting after I got home so I sat down to look at them and found a lot of huge cuts and gashes on the bottoms of my feet and on the toes. I guess I got all cut up when I was walking on the rocks (more like falling off) but my feet were so cold I didn't know they were getting cut.

So, needless to say, we did make memories tonight --very great ones.

ps I think that we need to have lots more Magic Bullet parties!


Tang Tang said...

Making memories with you is ALWAYS a riot, Ky. I heart your harbor swimming soul.

jasmine said...

Oh how I wish that I could have been there to witness the joys of that evening. The bravery, the courage....the one who seeks to save the shoe. What a warrior!