Thursday, April 06, 2006

If You Love It...Share It!

I LOVE water! I got this from my mom. Anyway, I happen to have a favorite brand of flavored waterLemon Propel. A few weeks ago I was on a walking lunch with a co-worker of mine and I introduced her to Lemon Propel. It was an instant hit for her. So much so that I fear she may be addicted. So now my co-worker has spread her love forLemon Propel to everyone else in the office and all her friends. She can't believe that she didn't know about Lemon Propel before I introduced her to it.

The scenerio is the same only this time it happened with blogs. I'm new to the whole blog thing, but as you can read, I LOVE IT! I can't help it, I'm a fan. So I tell people about it all the time and a few people are catching on as to how great blogging is.

I guess what I'm saying is that when you love something you just want to share it with everyone you know. This is of course true when it comes to the gospel also.

I got on the T today oblivious of anyone around me. I usually love getting on the T, watching people, trying to write their stories in my mind, but not today. I was running late, the bus took forever getting me to the T, and I was behind in work because I didn't go yesterday due to sickness....I am amazed at God's timing!

As I was getting situated in my seat on the T (I even had my headphones on) this little old lady next to me tapped me on my shoulder and asked me if I was Mormon? I took off my headphones and stared at her (as if I had heard her wrong). So she repeated, " Are you Mormon? I saw your book in your bag?" I was startled and pulled out my military copy of the Book of Mormon. "This" I nodded in her direction. "Oh, yes I've had some young gentlemen try to convert me with that book before."--At this point I realized that we were going to discuss this- missionary work- right here, right now, on the T, when I was least ready...

My natural reaction was, "So what did you think?" She smiled up at me and sort of laughed, "They did a good job trying to convert me". There was that awful word, convert, again. It seemed to me that she was saying it in such a negative way. I wondered....

She went back to paying little attention to me, but I was curious so after a few minutes of looking like I was reading, I tapped her on the shoulder. "Ma'am, were they kind, the young men?" She smiled at me again and said, "Well, yes dear. In fact I have been visited by a few of them since my first visit."---okay this was good so then I said, "You can't blame them can you?" She looked puzzled and asked, "Blame them for what?" (exactly the reaction I had wanted)..."You can't blame them for wanting to share something they love!" She laughed out loud (really she did) and her laugh seemed to break any awkwardness that had existed.

I talked about serving a mission myself (she was surprised that girls served missions) and for just a brief moment our hearts connected. Boy, did God teach me on the T today that it is so not about me!

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the 6 of us said...

kylee, thank you for sharing this. i love your questions you asked the woman on the t. "were they kind?" lessons for me. -ma