Saturday, December 30, 2006

December Discoveries 25-30

25--Christmas is so much fun with little kids around....more on this subject to come w/pictures.

26--How long could you stand to be in 12 seater van with 9 other people and all their luggage? It really wasn't that bad, but it did take us all day to drive from Nothern Cali to Provo Utah.

27--One of my favorite things to do is to sing with Alan & Michael Sackett. Boy, they can sing. I can't seem to get enough. Thanks guys I love ya both!

28--Don't you just love movies that make you think long after the credits have rolled and you've left the theater. I went and saw "The Prestige" with my family and we all couldn't stop talking about it afterward. Great Show!

29--Old friends are great. You know that kind that you haven't seen for a year-yet the second you get together it's like you never were apart. Gotta love those kinds of friends. It was great to see lots of my Utah friends. The annual Shields Family Christmas party was yet again a great success- minus the part where I discovered I can still have an anaphalactic attack- even though I haven't had one in years (more of that on the next blog).

30--Fly home, barely make my connecting flight, and then only 1 of my bags actually makes it to Providence. Man, it feels good to be back home. I love Boston!

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Yancy said...

I love Alan and Michael Sacket!
Michael just moved into my ward.