Thursday, December 14, 2006

Grow Up!

So today I open up my email box-as usual. There are about 300 junk mail emails or more that need to be filtered out-as usual. I check the email with high priority and the ones sent from my boss first-as usual. Then I check other email-as usual. Then I came to this email-not so usual:

I'm sorry but I think I misunderstood, I thought I was applying for a 'grown up' job. Do you have any of those available?

I almost fell out of my chair. The audacity of someone to write this email to me is absurd. So let me tell you a little background. I sent out an email to a few very qualified candidates who applied for our Marketing/PR VISTA position. The VISTA position is an AmeriCorps position so I explained AmeriCorps and VISTA in the email I sent out. The above email is the response I received from one such candidate.

Just a few reasons why this email infuriates/makes me laugh:
  • I happen to be (the one hiring such candidates) an AmeriCorps VISTA member and it says so on my email signature.
  • I happen to know that the job description of the Marketing/PR VISTA position is very "grown up".
  • This is not the way to communicate your PR skills.
  • The quotes in the email are the wrong ones.
  • It degrades AmeriCorps-which I have a passion for.
  • And could you please define for me what you think a "grown up" job is exactly?
I have two words to the author of this offensive email: Grow Up!

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noelle feather said...

What would be their purpose for writing that?


Noelle Feather