Friday, December 01, 2006


Teyaga= "letting go" Nada= "the Joy" Teyaganada= "The Joy of Letting Go"

I love spending time with my friends. I like getting to know them, exploring with them, taking trips, making memories, singing music, playing games, and just talking for hours. I find however, that there is one topic that I don't know much about when it comes to my friends-even my closest friends- and that is their testimonies.

So recently when a friend of mine, Timothy, came over to my house I asked him to share a missionary message with my roommates and other close friends. It was an incredible experience. I had shared and felt many emotions with these friends but this was a moment I will treasure forever. Afterwards you could feel the spirit very strong. We talked about missionary work, shared missionary stories, and basically bore simple testimonies to each other.

A few weeks later another opportunity for this to happen. Julie, another very close friend of mine, offered to lead a Family Home Evening in my house. It was impromtu, but she had a message already prepared. So we assigned the hymn picking, the prayers, the thought etc. and then Julie shared a beautiful message. In essence what I took away is that we need to let go and trust in God. Thus the title of this blentry. Finding the joy in letting go. Again, this was a sweet moment for me to be edified by a friend of mine (through the words of a modern day Prophet) and to hear my roommates and friends share their thoughts and feelings. A priceless heart picture!

I know these moments are few and far between but I wonder why that is. I wonder -when my friends and I all value our testimonies so highly, when we all are trying to be more like Christ, when we all need each other to do so-why we don't take advantage of these opportunities more often?


Anonymous said...

good question my friend....good question. thank you for that.

noelle feather said...

I have been struggling as of late with the entire FAITH thing. How do I get it, etc. Well, a few days ago, I was reading in my journal from last year. I had written this sentence: Faith is having confidence in God. That hit me like a ton of bricks--and that put it all in total perspective for me. No need to doubt, or fret or worry.

Confidence = trust.

Your post made me think of that. :)