Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Grant Marcus Shields

Today was the anniversary of my brother's death. A day I don't love to remember but I love to remember him. My sister Chelsea (see her blog) wrote a beautiful blog about some of the great memories that surrounded his death. I look at my family now and I'm amazed at how well we are doing-we are surviving and are stronger because of it.My life-our lives were irrevocable changed that day.

Sometimes out here in Boston I feel isolated surrounded by a mob of people who love me. The thing is they never new Grant, they never loved him, and therefore they can't share his loss or love of life with me. This is hard, but at the same time this is what healing feels like.

So to my family, struggling with their individual life strains, I love you and I'm thinking of you today.

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Suldog said...

May God bless you richly on this sad anniversary.