Monday, August 20, 2007

Summer Fun!

Some of you know that I was in charge of this big Surfing Event at my job. It was incredible. The organization Surf Rider (shout out to Ben who is a member) , Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mass. Bay, and Brickhouse Boards combined for the 3rd year to put on this great event. Littles get to learn about protecting their Ocean, they get to have fun on the beach, meet other matches, and of course--learn to surf! We almost got blown away by the 20 mile an hour winds but we survived and had a great time!

Here we all are learning about keepin the Ocean safe. Did you know it takes 2 million years for a glass bottle to decompose! Seriously. Orkina, the Coast Gaurd specialist had a lot of fascinating facts to teach us all.

Little learning how to surf.


This is the best picture I could get. I was so excited to go hear Nickle Creek play here in Boston. So I braved it to the Bank of America Pavillion all by my lonesome (that's a first for me) to hear them perform. Now that's a loyal fan! I'm not a huge fan of Fiona Apple...but Chris Thile, Sean Watkins, and Sara Watkins were amazing! It was well worth. At one point in the show this little old ladie (ticket checker) told me that she wouldn't look if I moved closer to the stage so I didn't feel so lonely. Bless her heart! I took her advice and had an amazing seat! Yippee!


(L-R) Justin, Kylee, Karlee, & Charlie. These are my coworkers from last year. Funny what 1 year can do. Now none of us work there. Justin (founder and CEO of AFC Mentoring) is now going to Grad School, I'm at BBBSMB, Karlee is going to Grad School in England, and Charlie works in finance. It was great to spend some time with them and reminace about old times.

This is the 11th year that LPL Financial has sponsered a Kids day at Fenway. They buy out the Avalon-where we have lunch and a huge pre-game party. Then they buy 300+ tickets and give them to our Bigs & Littles so they can go to a Red Sox Game. This was a smashing success. Now if only the Sox had won...

Here I am at the Red Sox Game for work--it doesn't get much better than that!

Here are a bunch of the incredible Match Advocates that I work with everyday.

This is a match I've worked with since I started at Big Brothers Big Sisters back in February. I love this match! They had a great time at the game--I got to sit with them!

I work with these two fantastic women!


I love these ladies! Marcy, Kylee, Abby, & Trisha

David & Kylee

Tania & Jared

Jared & Kylee

Tania you are love and will be missed!

Kylee saying goodbye to to be with her true love!


Kylee & Shannon (oh, and Jeff in the background)

Kylene & Abigail (almost cousins)

Kylee & Natalie ( I think she's really excited to eat!)

Abby & Joey


This was a great whirlwind adventure! A bunch of us loaded into a few cars, drove to Palmyra, stayed in a sweet camp ground, saw the upstate NY sights, watched the Hill Cumorah Pagent, and then drove home. This is the trips that memories are made of!

Ben & I in the Sacred Grove

Gotta love the girls in their glasses Carly, Lora, and Kylee

The entire gang outside Joseph Smith's Birthplace

What a great group!


I love this picture! Nat with her famous open mouth smile, Wylie just being himself and who knows what happen to the rest of my body?

Happy Birthday Marianne--what is your wish?

Here we are for Marianne's big 19th Birthday!
(Marianne, Kylee & Natalie = summer roommates)


Brendan was excited to sign our names on the huge Baseball!

Brendan & I soaking in the sun!


Kris said...

Hey, Dan and I send our love. You look fabulous and happy. And that makes me... ha-ppy.

love you.

Yancy said...

wow, you've been having a lot of fun. I just spent the last two days with Jared here in NY. I think a trip up to Boston is in order so we can all hang out.

PS - I'm glad you got to go see Nickel Creek. I saw them in Salt Lake earlier on this tour, and almost went again when they came to NY. :)

So Amazing!